RoofScopeIf you’ve ever regularly opened your sun roof or craned your head out of the window to check the contents of your roof rack, then you might be excited about the Roof Scope.

Easily mounted on the hood of your car, the convex mirror allows you to easily check to see if your bike (or anything else) is still securely mounted. Another advantage, is it serves as a quick reminder that you have items loaded up, which should help reduce the number of accidental garage to bike collisions.

Price is £16.6 and you can buy one here.


  1. I think there might be a knowledge gap between people that carry a mattress on top of a car and people that would think far enough ahead to have this device available to use. As a side note i think this is a pretty cool idea.

  2. Both the driver and the passenger, each of which has a hand on the mattress, shouldn’t need a mirror to know the mattress is still there and hasn’t moved.

  3. I saw the headline and I thought that this was going to be some sort of bluetooth enabled camera you put on your roof, that sends a signal to your smartphone. I would never buy one of these, but I’m happy to see a good, ole lo-tech device instead hitting the market.

  4. My friends dad used to have this hinged/spring-loaded mirror that attached to the hood via magnets. Above 30mph or so it flipped down. It was simple.
    This looks over engineered.

  5. One of those nice but still useless inventions (if you ask me). Just put your sunclasses (with curved lenses) to your dash frontside facing roof and you got same effect. It really worsk try it.

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