Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ROS plus (2)

The official details haven’t been released, but it was hard to miss the new Niner ROS Plus that was displaying Stan’s new Hugo rims. We’re told that the Niner 29+ project was a big motivator for Stan’s to enter into the fatter rim market which looks like it will be growing thanks to new options for rims and tires. The bright green monster at first glance resembles the skinnier brother, the Niner ROS, but this new bike promises to Ride Over Stuff plus. Or something.

Check out a few of the details, next…

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ROS plus (5)

Obviously, the ROS Plus will be marketed as a 29+ which makes room for tires like the Surly Knard 29×3″ tire. With recently announced additions to the category from Maxxis and Vee Tire Co, much like fat bikes the options are rapidly expanding. It will be interesting to see where the category goes since you can always run standard 29″ wheels and tires in addition to 29+

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ROS plus (7) Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ROS plus (9)

Built with a 4130 Chromoly frame with likely similar geometry to the standard ROS, the ROS Plus has thru axles front and rear.

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ROS plus (10)

Stans no tube holy grail hugo 29 plus fat rim tubeless niner ROS plus (11)

Other noticeable details include Niner’s Biocentric II EBB, internal dropper post routing, 44mm head tube, a removable front derailleur mount, and plenty of tire clearance. We threw the bike on the scale with the ROS Plus just barely over 27 lbs with a carbon bar, post, X01 group, and the new Stan’s Hugo rims. More details when we get them.


  1. >I agree with K11, so gross! Niner desperately grabbing at another 700c rim based fad.

    How dare a bike company that specializes in 700c rim sizes experiment with a variety of products!

  2. Looks like some really short chainstays.

    Good on Niner for staying 700c rim size and not chasing the 650b/27.5 nonsense like everyone else.

  3. I am excited for the day that Niner develops something new, instead of following trends.
    Until then, I will most likely ride this.

  4. -my comment was removed from this section. it had to do with my lunch coming up a little, when seeing this new niner ride. (although i worded it differently. lets see if this one stays)

    normally i would let it go, but there are some that agreed with my comment, which doesn’t make sense without an idea of what i said.

  5. K11 – I saw your original comment. Gotta wonder why BRumor deleted it… No cussing, just your personal opinion… Maybe because niner is a BR advertiser? If that’s the case, shame on BR. Where is freedom of speech these days…

    Though I’m not a fan of the color (sea foam & neon…seriously?), I’d love to at least throw a leg over a ROS+ and see how she climbs… 27lbs fully specd? hmm.

  6. “Where is freedom of speech these days”

    Most places. See, Bikerumor is a private entity, and can do as they please regarding their website. You have 1st amendment protection against the government stifling you freedom of speech, but that’s clearly not the case here, is it?

    I guess they don’t teach civics classes anymore…

  7. @kovas. yah, there were not any swear words. i was not ridiculing any other BR commenters or the staff of BR. the niner product across the board is MAYBE average, but their market speak is being gobbled up by niner fans like baby birds waiting for regurgitated worms from their mother.

  8. Damn those Niner riders that don’t share the opinion of others! What do they know, what with them enjoying their bikes and all that?

  9. I like where they are going with that, but no 29+ Carbon Fork?

    Now I can’t wait to see the Jet / Rip / WFO Plus models.

  10. I’ll probably never ride, and certainly never buy this bike, but I feel genuinely sorry for the people who see this and don’t immediately think of how much fun they could have on this bike.

  11. That thing looks awesome. Personally, I love the color, love it, and the 29er plus is my next bike. Will it be this one? No, I don’t have a Niner dealer near me. But I love this bike, and this platform and can’t wait to own one.

  12. Niner is absolutley kicking everyone (other bike companys) in the balls
    They basically own the dirt market
    dirty road stuff
    dirty phat tyre stuff
    Great stuff for the mtn bikers
    keep it up

  13. Ridley has made some ok bikes. This is nothing special. It becomes very difficult to sell great bikes after you sell your soul to the circle-P.

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