homemade miniature penny farthing e-bike

Found in downtown Asheville, NC, this miniature “bike” is powered only by a hub based motor and the side mounted battery pack. It’s throttle only, there are no actual pedals, but we’ll easily overlook that because, well, just look at it. Awesome. We chatted up the builder outside the bar, and there’s no website or anything for his craft yet. He said he’s looking into options for selling them or the design. Until then, there’s more pics after the break…

homemade miniature penny farthing e-bike

homemade miniature penny farthing e-bike

homemade miniature penny farthing e-bike


  1. shut up and take my money! Also, I wonder if you could add more range by placing another battery pack on the other side of the front wheel?

  2. Brilliant. Having trouble working out the steering, though, because I can’t see a point that isn’t fixed on to something else. Do you lean to turn it?

  3. There’s always pushback on this site when ebikes are posted, but here we have something you can’t even pedal — so it’s a true electric moped or scooter — and commenters love it.

    It’s stuff like this which leaves site admin and marketers scratching their heads.

  4. No really a fan of Ebikes, but wow, this is amazing. Totally custom, totally a new design, and something I think people would be will to buy; even hard core cyclists (engineers) like myself.

  5. Michael,
    It looks like the black part of the frame is fixed. It looks like the yellow fork turns inside the black frame. It limits the turn radius but gives you a place to put your feet and mount the battery.

  6. I think there is no negative blowback on this one because I don’t feel like this invention will steal market share from regular bikes as much as from cars and scooters. Some of the faux- ebikes are obviously meant to compete directly with bicycles and so, I dislike them.

  7. It would make a sweet ride for a parking officer! I like another cool penny inspired design is at http://www.reveloelectric.com/ . It’s an interesting concept and looks like a fun ride. Not sure how useful the pedaling is except for maybe long hills but perhaps the pedaling does make it street legal.

  8. I met this guy last year (2013) at a gas station and he just rode up on it. I thought it was the coolest thing. It’s super quiet and the guy is pretty tall too. Im 5’9″ and he was probably 6 feet. I’m amazed to have found a pic on pinterest that obviously lead me here. <3 Asheville

    • My name is Rob Childress. I am the creator/designer of the bike here in the comments. As an inventor and e-cyclist I think of a wheel harnessed, but still mostly a wheel and less bike, thus we end up compact, a.k.a a short wheel base distance. All of the bikes I’ve built are [completely] based on the Penny Farthing format and continue to be, to date. The motorized hub has offered up many new possibilities in design, as well as speed and torque…. Long story short, you’ll get what you pay for. I recommend that you choose one for torque and not speed, regarding that you are on a considerably shorter wheelbase at averages of 25 mph. P.S. ASHEVILLE DOES ROCK.

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