Prototype Yeti SB6C Jared Graved Action

Photo Credit: Yeti Facebook

After announcing the brand new Switch Inifinity suspension platform last week, Yeti’s Jared Graves and Richie Rude went first and second this past weekend at the Enduro World Series race held  in Colorado.

While the young American Richie rode a production version of the SB5c to several stage wins, Jared Graves was riding a longer travel prototype which appears to be very close to final production.
Prototype Yeti SB6C

Photo Credit: Yeti Facebook

Dubbed the SB6c by Yeti, this unreleased beast boasts more travel, more aggressive geometry, and one EWS race win.

Ibis Prototype Enduro Bicycle ACC

Photo Creddit: Anne Caro Chausson’s Instagram

On the women’s side, ACC rode her prototype Ibis to the top spot. First debuted at the last EWS in La Thuile, the new bike has been treating her well.

Unlike the current Mojo HDR, which is essentially a lighter HD with reduced travel and reconfigured to accept larger wheels, this new platform will be designed from the ground up for longer travel and mid size wheels.

Ibis Prototype Enduro BicyclePhoto Credit: Valentina Macheda’s Instagram

From the grainy Instagram images, it’s hard to determine anything for certain but the design language of the new frame is a stark departure from that of the current HDR.  The front triangle appears to have been designed with better stand over clearance and the rear linkage has been reconfigured to incorporate a yoke style shock mount.



  1. Roy on

    Not when dealing with the fitness and talents of Jared Graves and Anne Caro…. They could take just about any well prepped bike in the ‘enduro’ catagory and as long as they had their favorite tires, stomp.

  2. MissedThePoint on

    Times are too tight to say it’s not the bike. Your gear needs to at least be on the same level to say that the rider’s skill are superior over another. A skilled rider can make up for an equipment disadvantage, but then they’re not riding at their best. A new bike that improves their performance over another one can give them a mental edge, perhaps some confidence, that allows them to perform better.

    Stop fooling yourself. You will be a way better rider on a better bike, no doubts about that. Welcome progress.

  3. ADDZ on

    Missed the Point, congratulations marketing works! Whilst a good bike helps there we’re other factors that helped Yeti to getting their bikes on the podium. I think the biggest advantage was Yeti having the home advantage and the fact Graves and Rude had probably ridden these trails heaps, probably even helped developed the bike on these trails. The style of course would have also suited Graves and Rude a lot more than the europeans. Whether or not the infinty link works, it’s still just a clever marketing gimmick.

  4. Mirwin on

    alex – 07/28/14 – 4:30pm
    It’s not the bike- it’s the rider.

    Ilikeicedtea – 07/28/14 – 4:35pm
    Actually, it’s combination of the two.

    True, but what are each of the proportions? You need the right bike to be in the game, but I’d take a stab at 80/20, rider to machine. as long as the bike works to spec.

  5. craigsj on

    “A new bike that improves their performance over another one can give them a mental edge, perhaps some confidence, that allows them to perform better.”

    It would be embarrassing to call yourself a pro and have to be tricked mentally to ride well. If that’s all a bike offers, it shouldn’t be in the game.

    “You will be a way better rider on a better bike, no doubts about that.”

    That assumes the differences between these bikes matter. No evidence that it’s true. Rider skill matters a lot.

  6. Steve on

    “Yeti having the home advantage” — ADDZ

    Jared Graves is from Australia and Richie Rude is from Connecticut. Where’s the “home advantage” in that? Just because the bike brand they ride for is 1.5 hours away doesn’t mean shit.

  7. Jan on

    Riders could win on 3 year old bikes. Just check how Commencal frames haven’t changed since 2012 essentially and they are getting top placement in races. Races are marketing events for bikes that then hobbyist max out their credit cards for. Thats why you always see the latest and greatest frames and technology at races.

  8. i on

    if one bike were different/better enough to make a difference, it wouldn’t be possible to win a race on anything but that bike. The very fact that there are different bikes out there proves that the bike doesn’t matter. At all.

    Look at pro swimming; no one’s won a race wearing anything but the speedo super-suit since it came out. It’s to the point suit makers stopped sponsoring, because it wasn’t getting their product on any podiums.


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