Blackburn CENTRAL 100 FRONT LIGHT Riding High

Blackburn is shaking up the light scene again. Rumor has it this is only the start of a series of new lights we will be seeing from them. Just released is Blackburn’s Central light set — these appear to be well thought-out commuter saftey-lights with a unique translucent bezel that provides for increased visibility from a wider range of viewing angles. Details illuminated, next…


Lighting the road ahead (and providing safety via frontal visibility) is the Central 100. Build around an extruded alloy shell (less plastic!), it provides three operating modes of steady 100 lumens, steady 50 lumens, and strobe 50 lumens. Operating times are 3.2hrs, 7hrs, and 21hrs, respectively with a helpful LED fuel gauge/charge indicator incorporated. As should be expected the Central 100 is chargeable via micro USB — your mobile phone charger ought to power more electronics …unless you own an iPhone …stupid Apple.


Blackburn’s translucent bezel should really play well out back where visibility is the name of the game. But only real-world testing will see if the concept holds water. As its name suggests the Central 20 burns at 20 lumens — steady (25hrs), flash (42hrs), and strobe (76hrs). Just like its front-facing counterpart it attaches via a silicone strap for universal mounting, and optionally can be clipped to most anything via an integrated wire clip. Also like its counterpart it’s toggled on and off via depressing its large clear lens — Blackburn posits this is done easily from the saddle even while wearing gloves. Both the 100 and the 20 are built to the ANSI FL-1 light standard that measures light output, runtime, peak beam intensity, beam distance, and water/impact resistance; this standard ensures advertised specs are accurate and consistent. Each of Blackburn’s new Central models commands $34.99 and is available now.


  1. Please link photos to the article. I hate clicking on the photo only to be shown the grainy article image again.

    These lights look nice, but the only distinguishing feature from the rest of the offerings out there is the battery level indicator (only found on expensive lights).

  2. It’s worth mentioning that these lights fit nicely in Blackburn’s new pannier bags’ clear front or rear facing panels, which offers additional mounting points. And they’re super bright, I’ve seen them in action, with a very high quality feel thanks to the alloy frame. There’s also a Local line with less expensive plastic construction and less light output/features.

    Check this post for more on the bags and the Central Smart light that automatically adjusts light output based on ambient light:

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