Looking for something ridiculously light, ridiculously powerful and ridiculously limited?

These 2015 Ciamillo GSL Micro get a limited edition “aged ti” finish and certainly meet the above requirements. To be clear, they’re not made of titanium, just finished with a titanium colored anodization. Only five sets are being made, and you’ve gotta email them to order. Retail is $329 and they’re ready to ship, first come, first served. They’re the new design, featuring the quick adjustment cam that eases set up a bit and makes wheel swaps and rim width changes much quicker. They come with the black hardware and, without pads, weigh in at a claimed 155g for the pair.

From the looks of it, they should match up nicely with the dark polished gray of modern SRAM Force and upper end Shimano groups, helping you drop 100g or more without altering the aesthetic too much. Retail is $329/set. That’s a bit more than the standard black or red, but less than the White versions.


  1. Hi Ted. I have tried for months to get you to send me my brakes and upgrade kits.

    From one of the many e-mails I have sent I expect one set of Limited Aged Ti Finish Micros (or red micros), 2 Micro Cam Upgrade Kits, and extra spring set for my Gravitas brakes to make up for the price change (I paid $459 for the brakes that are now $279)

    Copies of the two orders are provided below

    Order #1145 for 2 Micro Cam Upgrade Kits. $158 each plus 11.90 shipping for a total of $169.90. This order was placed on January 25, 2014
    Order #1547 – You said that you would send me a set of the Ti breaks and an extra spring set for my Gravitas breaks as a make up for the price change. – Order #1547 for a new set of red GSL micros. I paid $459.00 each plus 11.90 shipping for a total of $479.90. This order was placed on April, 30 2014 – In August they were selling for $279

    PLEASE, TED, send me the products ordered.

  2. ted is a liar and cheater,paid micro brakes 2 years ago and never got it,promise after promise….
    don,t buy from this guy

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