pdw ninja pump

Portland Design Works (PDW) has recently expanded their inflation tool lineup with two new models. The Ninja Pump is there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.  The BARkeep is both a pressure gauge and a CO2 inflator.

The PDW Ninja Pump is the MMA fighter of the mini pump world.  It has trained hard to master the art of Presta and Schrader.  CO2 inflation is a breeze with the airflow control knob.  The alloy mini pump is capable of conquering the toughest 120psi tire.  It’s lightweight at 76 grams.  And, it mounts under your bottle cage.  You’ll find one in my Ride Pouch.  Add one to yours for $35.

Breeze through the break for the BARkeep.

pdw barkeep

For those who prefer CO2 only, PDW has the new BARkeep.  Pressure puns, I love it.  The BARkeep pulls double duty with both a stand alone pressure gauge and a CO2 inflator.  The Tap Handle allows for regulation of the CO2 flow, stores your 16g CO2 cartridge when not being used, and keeps your hand from getting cold when filling a tire.  It plays nice with both Presta and Schrader valves.  This one comes in at 94 grams.  Parting with $35 will make this your very own.

A PDW post wouldn’t be complete without a silly video to wrap things up.

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