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While the biking world may have gone a little fat bike crazy lately, bike rack manufacturers have struggled to keep up. The comically large tires require special considerations for transport unless you want to see them bouncing down the highway in your rear view mirror. Having just introduced their low profile upright bike rack at the start of this year, Rocky Mounts is offering a very simple kit that makes the BrassKnuckles fattie compatible.

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Created to fit any cross bar, the BrassKnuckles gained attention for its low profile design which ultimately should provide better aerodynamics when not used to transport a bike. The tray and single sided arm design was designed to fit as many bikes as possible – though fat bikes didn’t make the cut thanks to their unique proportions.

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To remedy the situation Rocky Mounts has introduced the $20 fat bike adapter that is installed in seconds. Basically consisting of two extension straps and a wider wheel chock, the chock simply pops out by squeezing the two sides together. Pop in the wider fat bike chock and you’re ready to go. Switching back to the standard cradle is just as easy. The two strap extensions snap onto the existing straps and allow the rack to secure the biggest fat bike treads.

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To satisfy your color cravings Rocky Mounts is offering their racks in a number of colors, though the BrassKnuckles will only be available in black, white, and red for $199. BrassKnuckle racks will be available any day now, while the fat bike adapters should be available around October 2014.



  1. Great products and good people. These guys support local racing in Colorado, the owner was a huge part of getting the Valmont Bike Park build in Boulder (where they had cross nationals), they do a lot with juniors as well, they have fund raisers in the shop nearly monthly with free beer, what is not to like?

    They make great products and I love supporting a company that supports our sport!

  2. They also have fantastic customer service. They’ve always done right and will therefore always get my business. I sent in one pic of a broken component, and within 3 days, I had a brand new one on my doorstep, no questions asked.

  3. As an owner of the BrassKnuckle and the Fattie adapter I love them both, best roof top fat bike rack out there IMO. If it wasn’t for the two strap combo it would take the rack from really good to great. My one complaint is that they didn’t remake the strap into a longer version of the original strap that would slide into the tray… it’s like breaking your shoe lace and tying the two halves back together to keep your shoe tied. In a pinch it makes sense but in the long run a shoe lace (strap in this case) of the correct length always wins out.

  4. Follow up to previous comment. Would I recommend the BrassKnuckles and the adapter? In a heart beat, it’s a really good rack and the best one I have found for carrying a fat bike on the roof. I have had an email conversation with the guys at Rockymounts and have a better understanding on why they went with the two strap configuration… and honestly I cannot fault or argue with their logic and reasoning for doing so. One of the selling points was the ability to carry all my bikes, not just my fattie… if you’re looking for a fat bike roof mounted rack, the BrassKnuckles should be at the top of your list.

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