Out of the box, the new Contour Roam3 can dive to 30 feet without any special case, hence the non-cycling, water-themed launch video above. And, they’re claiming it has the best video and audio performance of any of their cameras, capturing 1080p video at 30fps.

It keeps all the other features Contour’s camera’s are known for, including the small form factor, laser leveling/sighting, rotating 270º lens with 170º field of view, 1/4-twenty mount, and the simple sliding on/off switch. This one also gets a 5MP quick shot feature that uses a single button to toggle between video and stills, a long life battery (3-3.5 hours, good since it’s built in) and a locking feature for the switch so it won’t get accidentally turned off. It even includes an 8GB memory card in the box.

The best part? It’s just $199. Click through for pics and full spec list…

contour roam3 waterproof HD action sports camera

  • Waterproof up to 30 ft. without a case
  • Quick Photo Mode (5MP)
  • 270° Rotating Lens
  • Laser alignment
  • Long Lasting Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Locking Instant On-Record Switch
  • 8GB Memory Card Included
  • 1080p HD Video
  • Still Photo Mode
  • Up to 120 fps
  • 170° wide-angle Lens
  • Includes two low profile mounts
  • Battery comes fully charged

contour roam3 waterproof HD action sports camera

contour roam3 waterproof HD action sports camera

The Roam3 is available now on Contour’s website.

Not shown, the Contour+2 remains their top of line camera at $299. That one comes with a separate waterproof case, but bundles in WiFi, GPS video mapping and live streaming.


  1. Waldo on

    Too little, too late. 1920×1080 at 60fps has become the actioncam standard. So what you don’t need a case to 30ft. When the Contour guys abruptly left the market it left a lot of us stranded, with no support. many have moved on to GoPro, and now the Garmin Virb and Shimano offerings, why would they go back to Contour. They need to buy market share so pricing will be an issue.

  2. Huey on

    F’ you Contour!
    You left everyone hanging and you want people to buy your product now? News flash, other cameras are now in my collection with yours relegated to Ebay buyers.

  3. Mike on

    Put Wifi and GPS in there for the same price and I will buy. Otherwise, I think it’s still a GoPro for me. I agree with Waldo, not all that impressive for the price.

  4. drosser on

    As long as the street price can come a few bones under MSRP, this will be a fabulous option for commuters like me who don’t want to take a chance with monoprice or dealextreme junk.

  5. Waldo on

    @Mike – This is what I am saying, everyone has moved past Contour. They might as well have changed the name to something new and tried to act like a startup. Nobody cares, and I have 3 of them (Contour+ and 2 Contour GPS.

    @drosser – look at the new sony if you want a form factor like the Contour, and at least you’ll be dealing with a company that can stand behind its products and won’t simply fold up shop and run away.

    @iperov – Mount is sloppy but it is one of the better ones. Is it the best, I am not sure, but there is some potential in the Garmin and Shimano offerings.

  6. Mat on

    Haters… I love my Contour, flip the switch it’s on, once again it’s off. Super easy to use and great quality vids. I’ll definitely get another when mine finally dies, which apparently will take a while,since I’ve beat the hell out of it riding and it’s still going strong. Not to mention the mounting system is great and the shape of the camera makes it much easier to mount in multiple places, it’s unobtrusive, great form factor, can mount many places on the bike a GoPro can’t unless you like hitting you legs on the GoPro. My buddies rarely use their GoPro’s while my Contour it so easy to mount and use I take it all the time.

  7. Waldo on

    @Mat, I am one of the haters you mention. I don’t hate my Contours (I have three working and one non working). I just hate their support model as well as the fact that they left us all stranded with no warning. Form factor is really nice, but Contour does not have a monopoly on the shape/size. Look at the Sony action cam, and HTC is rumored to be releasing one real soon (waterproof too) http://www.recamera.com/.


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