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Alex Rims are a pretty good barometer of what is happening in the industry. The rims are often used as standard equipment on complete bikes so they seem to produce rims that are in demand at prices that help keep the cost of complete bikes low. If the addition of new models like the Blizzerk and MD50 suggest that fat bikes and 29+ have really hit the mainstream, what does that say about their new 36″ rim the MD25?

Details next…

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Offering up two new fat bike rims, Alex is introducing the Blizzerk 80 and Blizzerk Pro. While the 80 uses a pinned joint construction with hollow rails along the circumference of the rim, the Pro model steps up to a welded joint. The Pro is also a bit wider with a 76mm internal/ 82mm external width compared to the 80’s 80/73mm. If the Blizzerk Pro looks like a Surly Rolling Darryl that’s because it basically is with “technology by Surly.” Weights for the rims are listed at 830g for the 80 and 850g for the Pro.

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On the + side, Alex has the new MD50 which is offered in 29″ and oddly, 24″. The rim features their TRS Tubeless Ready System with a Pinned joint and a 55mm ext/50mm int. width that is 22mm tall. Expect the MD50 to come in at 770g.

Sitting behind the MD50 is the new Supra 35 which is their wide, but not + wide rim for 26, 27.5, and 29″ wheels. Coming in at 35mm ext/30mm int. the welded TRS rims are all 600g or less.

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We’ll preface this one by saying we’ve heard rumors of big companies experimenting with 36″ wheels. After seeing the Alex MD25 36″ rim being brought to production, that’s a bit easier to believe. We’ve seen the 36″ wheel touted as the best option for the exceptionally tall, so perhaps this is the reasoning. Regardless, the MD25 is a 692g 36″ rim with a pinned joint that is tubeless ready. Measuring in at 30.4mm ext/25mm int, and 20mm tall the eyeletted rim should make for some interesting builds. Now to find some spokes…

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The new ATD550 is good news for fans of road tubeless – or those who would be a fan but haven’t tried it due to the cost. The TRS rim is fairly wide with a 17mm internal width and is tubeless ready in spite of the pinned joint. The 30mm deep rim should mean a fairly low cost to entry for those who want to test the road tubeless waters.


  1. As a 6’7″ dude, I officially pledge to buy the first sweet 36er that comes to market under $3k. Hopefully something like the Surly Krampus.

  2. It would be great if Alex were to make their rims widely available in the UK, so that those of us who build our own wheels can use them.

    At present, I just can’t buy them anywhere here.

  3. Hahaha Brian! Different Matt, but we’re on the same wavelength. These rims came out of nowhere for 36ers though. Not even on my radar after velocity said “yes, but not really”. Just rode the 36er at Briar Chapel last weekend and felt the wheel weight again. These could be awesome as current rims are ~1100g each.

  4. I’ll be more impressed when you can actually get a hold of Alex to find rims they already make. One of the few options(supposedly) available that makes 650b rim brake rims. for sale nowhere, company doesn’t have a phone number, doesn’t return email. to either me or my bike shop.

  5. Just to second what grog hunter said. Alex has some nice looking aero alloy wide rims, cx35 and pro35. They only exist on the Alex website as best as I can tell…

  6. To grog:
    Not to defend Alexs’ e.mail policy, but they are HUGE…bike rims are a small part of their business. Unfortunately for a consumer to expect a real response from Taiwan regarding a rim or two is unrealistic.
    if you want more Alex you need to lean on your distributor.

  7. I knew bigger was always better, at least that’s what the 29er riders tell this 27.5 exclusive rider. So I guess 36ers are the next big thing, if a 5′ rider can ride a 29er, then a 6′ person should find a 36er to be slightly big, but man, those things must roll over everything and be superior climbers, or so they say.

  8. @gringo @Volt We’ve pestered QBP on the phone, & even used some google-fu to find the US distributor’s unadvertised phone number. they’re essentially an import/export business, not a real distributor. There’s literally no way to actually get their rims unless you find them in stock someplace. & how many places are going to stock 650b rim brake rims?

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