At this point, you’re just as likely to see Halo’s products on the trail, the road, or the streets as you are in BMX so fat bikes probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. The company has been pumping wheel products out of the UK since 1995 and has continually expanded to include wheels, rims, hubs, spokes, nipples, tires, cogs, rim strips, freewheels, skewers, and even tubes.

As one of their newest categories, fat bikes will now be able to run a full Halo fat bike wheelset – right down to the tubes and tires. The addition of the Halo branded goods adds another source for fat bike components that offer a great blend of performance to value. Details on the Nanuk tires, Tundra rims, and more after the jump…


halo fat bike wheels (3)halo fat bike wheels (5)

halo fat bike wheels (4) halo fat bike wheels (1)

As part of that performance on a budget mantra, Halo starts off with a simple 80mm aluminum rim called the Tundra. Drilled for centered or offset builds, the cutout rim is a single wall, pinned design that tips the scales around 870g and retails for $95.95.

In their complete form, the Tundra wheels will be sold in multiple versions to fit most standard fat bikes. Built with double butted spokes and aluminum nipples weights for the complete 135/170 wheelset is listed at 1300/1480g.


Halo fat bike hub 190 huha-fatbike-rr

The wheelsets will be built around Halo’s 6D fat bike hubs which are also available separately. Sold in 135/142, 150mm, 170/177, and 190/197mm versions the hubs have most fat bikes and suspension forks covered. Utilizing their 6 pawl freehub design with a chromoly drive ring, 7075 aluminum hard anodized 9/10/11 speed freehubs (XD freehubs available), and high quality cartridge bearings. U.S. pricing is still being finalized, but based on the price in the UK the rear hubs should be under $200.

tyha-nanuk-s-whi tyha-nanuk-tred-a

Along with the wheels, rims, and hubs Halo is also rolling a full line of fat rubber products with tires, tubes, and rim strips. Their Nanuk 26×4.0 fat bike tire has a Larry-esque looking tread pattern and is built on a 60 tpi carcass with a folding kevlar bead. Available in a harder black compound (70a) or softer white rubber (55a), the tires have a pretty impressive claimed weight at 1090g (black tire) considering the ~$80 price tag.



  1. Ripnshread on

    I think it was supposed to be “…the complete front 135, rear 170 wheelset is listed at 1300g front and 1480g rear…” for a total, more believeable and as publised on Halo’s website wheelset weight of 2780g.

  2. TF on

    So anybody tried these tires? Looking for a good hardpack / rocky / loose-over-hard tire for my 65mm rims. No reviews to be found!


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