Suntour North America has announced that they are open for business with a new direct sales website. Citing that even after getting good reviews in print and media, and having millions of forks in circulation, distributors and some dealers were not picking up the brand, leaving consumers trying to figure out where to purchase Suntour and dealers struggling to find replacement parts.

The site design has been used for the previous few years for warranty registration and tracking, and their system has helped them reduce the processing time of claims. Moving into sales, the site will be able to sign up registered users based on whether they are a consumer or dealer, and sell them appropriate parts at the right price structure, as well as allow Suntour to send out news letters on a regular basis or issue promotions.

Nick Hannah-Moore from Suntour North America said “SSNA has a goal that this Aftermarket Sales Website will not only increase sales but continue to strengthen our OEM relationships even further by giving their customers more support and aftercare to the products that they are purchasing years down the road.”

The new emarket consumer website is up, working and ready for business. Suntour will also continue to operate the standard North American website for product info.


  1. Matt on

    The Suntour brand image with bike shops is that they produce a “budget-friendly product” or “sub par product”(as some would say). So now they come out with a direct sales platform because shops don’t want to carry the brand. Now shops will steer consumers away from the brand further because they are promoting the largest threat to a bike shop… the internet. Brilliant strategy. Strengthening OEM relationships could be accomplished in so many more ways than opening direct sales.

  2. Mason on

    It would be nice if they’d still take small part orders over the phone instead of directing you to set up an account at the website.

  3. Oldschoolin on

    Matt – Bike shops were not promoting their brand anyway. What are they supposed to do, shrivel up and just take it?

    If a distributor won’t touch it, and bike shops won’t touch it, the next best thing is going direct.

    Suntour should have gone heavy into the mail order shops years ago. Their suspension forks are actually really good.

  4. Stampers on

    Hmmm…their forks are not exactly on my wishlist currently. But don’t they manufacture just about everyone else’s forks?

  5. RickyBob on

    I ride the Aion, which is similar to the Auron, just a touch heavier. It is a very good fork and has all the features that you would expect from a top level modern fork, just not the price tag. People who want blingy gold or black stanchions because they think that equals quality are going to want to look elsewhere. If you want an affordable yet modern, easy to work on fork, Suntour is the way to go. Plus their Q-loc 2 axle system is bomb.

  6. Dude on a bike on

    Funny. I bought a Raidon through Suntour’s upgrade program direct a year ago. I think they have always had direct consumer sales now it’s just easier for everyone to get parts which is cool. I’m not much into my local shop as it’s filled with moron’s and if you want to talk about poor service they would take the cake.

    I found Suntour easy to work with when upgrading and I have been enjoying my Raidon problem free for over a year. I think it’s awesome that I can buy parts from them easily on line. It’s not like I can’t buy everyone elses stuff on their already so really they are late to the game but at least there is the option now.


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