Diamondback Podium 24Proper bikes for juniors is typically an impossibility to find, and then when you do, they cost a fortune.  Diamondback is changing that and helping get kids on the road by bringing the Podium line, in three sizes that are determined by the wheel size, 24″, 650c and 700c.  All featuring Shimano Claris STI integrated shifters, and ranging from $500-$600, they pack enough features to prove worthwhile in getting the kiddo into riding.

Providing proper fit is the most important thing for any road cyclist, but most Junior bikes can have heavy wheels or improper gearing, leading to a lot of young ones riding on a really heavy bike, or barely fitting on to a parent’s hand-me-down.  Find Diamondback’s solution to both situations after the break…

Using the wheel size as a method for determining the rider, each of the Podiums only comes in one frame size per wheel size.  Using smaller wheels helps them design the frame small enough to fit juniors, and once the person fits larger than the 700c model, they can begin riding a standard adult frame size.  The Podium 24 pictured above starts the line at $500, and features a lightweight aluminum frame, drop bars, wide range gears and 24×1″ tires to keep the weight down. Diamondback made sure to insure all parts were the appropriate size for the rider, and the Podium 24″ even has 155mm cranks and a 37cm wide handlebar.

Diamondback Podium 650c

605c is a mid-size road bike wheel, typically reserved for triathlon bikes or custom-framed road bikes designed for smaller riders.  Nothing new, 650c tires are readily available in most shops.  Diamondback built the Podium 650c around this sized wheel, and kept the parts spec almost identical to the Podium 24, making the only difference the increased size afforded by the larger wheel.  Coming in at $550, it fits the middle of the line both in sizing and in price.

Diamondback Podium 700The Podium 700 tops out the line with 700c wheels at $600.  At this size, it also changes over to standard road bike caliper brakes, but also largely keeps the same drivetrain spec as the other Podium models.




  1. Bike wheels have a missing link, the biggest one. We have 12″, 16″, 18″, 24″, 650, 700c, 29″… but nothing for big men. Instead we make (deleted) looking farm gate frames to fit 700c wheels.

    I like the kids bikes, except for the V brakes, which are super grabby on alu rims on the road.

  2. Would be nice to know what the size (height) range of riders each of the three size bikes are intended to fit. I expect the 650c and 700c versions would be suitable for small adults too.

  3. These look good. I wonder if there’s anything stopping me adding some upscale components from one of my unused bikes? Nothing like starting your cycling life with some Campagnolo.

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