Velo Orange has gone dark with their new Noir hammered fenders and Grand Cru seatpost and stem. The black versions complement their black leather tape and saddle and help complete the look for stealthier commuter bikes.

Shown above on their Pass Hunter touring frame, the noir fenders are simply a black anodized version of their VO Hammered 45mm alloy fenders for 700c wheels. They include black hardware, too, and fit up to a 35mm wide tire. Kit comes with the alloy wire stays, bolts, brackets and everything else needed for front and rear install. Retail is $65.

On the front of the bike is the new Six Pack Rack. It’s an add-on cage for several of their standard mini front racks and is sized just right for a sixer of your favorite beverage.


The new seatpost uses a very simple one-bolt design that allows easy angle adjustment and fore/aft positioning of the saddle. It’s $55.

The Tall Stack stem is for threadless steerer tubes, clamping below the neck and on the front for a clean, smooth appearance. It has a 75mm stack height built in, reducing the number of spacers needed and further streamlining the aesthetics. It has a 17º bend and is made for 31.8 handlebars. Shims are available separately to fit 26.0 or 25.4mm bars. It’s recommended for alloy steerers only, not carbon. Retail is $40.


Their leather saddle and Grand Cru bar tape now come in red.


Their Fairweather Traveler tires, made by Panaracer, come in four new colors with tan sidewalls. Size is 700x28c, retail is $48, and weight is 248g. They have a very low profile nubby center tread with fine chevron stripes on the cornering edges.


The new oversized bottle cage stretches to fit bigger bottles like a Nalgene.


It has five mounting holes, giving you plenty of flexibility in positioning. They’ll also line up perfectly with the three hole mounts found on many touring bike forks. Price TBD.


It’s not often we buy a reflector (probably never, actually), but if you want a high quality one that matches the look and feel of your bike, VO’s new $25 stainless steel reflector mounts to their rear fenders and is solid as a rock.


Lastly, their Grand Cru touring hub comes into the modern era with a 6-bolt disc brake model. It has standard 135mm spacing and QR axle config, just like the standard models. It’s built for heavy loads and long rides, but uses commonly available bearings for easy replacement wherever you may ride.



  1. Thom on

    More cool stuff from VO. Now if they would only redesign the Passhunter frameset to accept disc brakes I could quit trying to decide what bike to get next.

  2. Oli on

    I have that stem (marketed under a different brand). I couldn’t tighten it enough to stop it slipping and play developing in my headset, or when I did, I was worried about striping the threads. It looks neat, but I don’t think one bolt is a good idea for serious touring.

  3. Nick on

    Mudrock, it’s not meant to only be used for water. It’s also meant for jugs of coffee, beer, wine, etc. The fact that it can expand to different sizes is pretty d*mn awesome in my opinion.

    Oli, that’s a bummer. I have two of the VO tallstack stems. The main one I use just worked flawlessly for 200+ mile front loaded tour.


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