Gregg Rochester calls himself a Bike Artist. Rather than sticking to painting bikes on canvas (he does that too), sometimes Gregg’s canvas is a bike. Recently, Gregg was commissioned to paint a unique bicycle for the Minneapolis Institude of Art for the show “Italian Fashion from 1945-present.” While the show focuses on all the big names in Italian Fashion, Gregg transformed the designs of Emilio Pucci into an impressive fixed gear.

You can catch the bike on display at MIA until January 4th, but you can also check out some of Gregg’s other designs along with the other side of Pucci after the jump…


Pucci Build:

  • Frame – Hed Aero Lab
  • Wheels – Hed Disc
  • Drivetrain – Single Speed(Shimano)
  • Pedals – Look
  • Handlebar – Cinelli
  • Brake – Shimano
  • Saddle – Bontrager
  • Stem – Look



This Fetish frame is painted into a dual theme of Night and Day. Night for non-drive, Day for the Drive side.



The bike titled Africa is self explanatory.


The same goes for Map.

Check out more of Gregg’s work at bikeartartbike.com.

Thanks for sending those in Gregg!


  1. F Almeida on

    I don’t think these are intended for riding. Beside the levers, the work on the cabling is also quite unprofessional, and that fixie with vertical dropouts… Nice colours though.

  2. sporobolus on

    uneven levers could be for uneven arms (i know a serious rider like that) and the fixie has a tensioner so the dropout is fine

    not attracted to the bikes though

  3. jerk on

    I spy a handlebar mirror in pic #1.

    Can paint. Can’t photograph or cable bikes.

    I kinda like the paint just for grins, but the builds are not up to snuff.

  4. Gregg Rochester on

    All of these bikes are rideable, and are ridden regularly. I think what you’re seeing with uneven levers is the photographic angle. I’ve never had feedback that the builds are unprofessional in any way. I sure don’t expect everyone to like them, but I appreciate your looking at them!

  5. Mary Tjeerdsma on

    Gregg, how much for one of your bike paintings? I don’t want the bike – just the painting! Love your work!


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