bikerumor pic of the day Minnesota River Bottoms bike ride

Photo submitted by Balvindar Singh, “It’s November and still fall by the calendar but sure feels like we are well into winter! Some nice riding at the Minnesota River Bottoms this past weekend (Twin Cities area), capped off with racing a barge at a whopping 8 mph.”

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  1. The River Bottoms is a beautiful and wonderful place but may not always stay that way. There is a plan by the DNR to put a 10-12′ wide paved trail through a 50-100′ corridor that will likely destroy the natural beauty and serenity of much of this area.

    Please help us tell the powers to be that there are better options.


  2. @Graham: Too funny. Much more enjoyable than chasing a bus or car, though a bit harder to draft.

    @Stephen: Thanks very much for sharing this. I had heard these rumors and really appreciate the petition and effort you are putting in. Happy to help and do my part!

  3. Stephen the river bottom trails have always been garbage. Zero elevation change, sandy as sh*t, always flooded, overgrown, bugs and mud everywhere. Generally, they are a complete mess. I agree the course of action should be a natural style trail for walkers, but let’s not be delusional that it’s any good for MTBing

  4. Taking my Krampus down to the river bottoms today. Always see something interesting down there.

    Sven, Stephen nor anyone else would ever claim that the river bottoms are the quintessential mtb experience. However, to have a natural bike trail right in the middle of a major metropolitan area is something to appreciate and fight for. Keep the river bottoms asphalt free!

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