Augur, an Australian company, just started a new Kickstarter project for their Wolf light. It’s built using CREE LEDs, machined aluminum and a silicone casing and is dubbed a “collective safety cycling light.” It works by sensing your place in a pack (get it, Wolf Pack?) and adjusting intensity based on whether you’re leading out, sitting in or bringing up the rear.

When you consider yourself a one man wolf pack, the brightness high and available in a steady or blink pattern (see or be seen). When your wolf pack grows, and you’re riding around in the desert together, the brightness adjusts based on your position in the peloton. The lights communicate with each other so it knows if another Wolf is behind you rather than just a car, so it won’t dim when drivers are coming up from behind. But when it’s a fellow wolf, the tail light dims significantly so it doesn’t distract or blind them. Once you’re at the tail end or OTB, it’ll immediately come back up to full brightness.

Augur Wolf Safety Cycling Light
Augur’s Wolf collective safety light

The Wolf light is easily recharged via an included USB cable. It seems pretty versatile since it gives you the ability to ride alone or in a pack while ensuring you have the light you need in either situation. It’s made of highly recyclable materials, too, so when it’s time, you can rest easy the cycle of life will continue rather than ending up in a landfill. The Wolf is estimated to ship in March 2015 at a price of $160. However, if you get in on the early special, you can get it for $140. Check out their Kickstarter here.


  1. Really neat idea. That said, not sure how useful it’ll be for me to have one of these lights if literally nobody else around does. If they dimmed when they sensed another light within a certain distance right behind it, then it might be more practical. But then it might be dimming when a car is pulling up behind, thereby, yknow, not being that useful.

    Kind of a catch22 there in my thinking.

  2. I think this is a really cool light with the technology it integrates. As somebody who both rides road biking solo and in a group, they obviously have had some of the same light situations that I have!

    However, having recently bought a new CatEye Rapid X for $27 delivered, there’s no way I’d pay the premium for this light.

  3. Bright rear lights are not so much a problem as flashing bright LEDs that blind other cyclist and drivers coming in the opposite direction.

  4. I’m glad to see intelligence added to lights. Some combination of this and the features of the Rotlicht would be ideal. The ideal light would …

    * Have an integrated ambient light sensor that would automatically dim the light appropriately.
    * Include 360* reflective elements to work WITH car headlights.
    * The emitter should max out at 3 watts for daytime use and attenuate appropriately in the dark.
    * Flash patterns should incorporate low and high light output to maximize visibility while minimizing battery use.
    * Should incorporate real side visibility.
    * Integrate with an ANT+ speed sensor so it can tell when you’re stopped.
    * Include an accelerometer so it can change the blink patterns with a sudden speed loss (braking or climbing … etc…)
    * Sense other cyclists and dim appropriately.
    * Have a rechargeable lithium ion battery.
    * Use the Planet Bike mount as it is the best and it’s high time we had standardized blinkie mounts.
    * Allow on/off/mode control from a head unit.

    It’s a lot to ask for … but that is the ultimate.

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