There is no denying that Kickstarter is changing the shape of product development for inventors. The volume of product moving through the crowd funding website is steadily increasing, and projects are continually getting funded. This means that consumers are also seeing it as the place to find the leading edge of art and innovation, and actually putting up their money towards these ideas.

WiscoWood is re purposing hardwood scraps from local businesses, and then using a laser engraver to artistically style the custom wallets. Founded by a couple friends with various experience in the cycling industry, they are calling this the beginning to their company that has a vision to make products in America with little impact on the planet. Their Kickstarter project has several different selections for graphics on the wallets, and even a bookmark!

Check out the stylish helmets, turn signals and other ideas after the jump…

Dappercap is a stylish, casual style helmet that is made with an 80% carbon shell, right in Cornwall, England. The designers wanted to make a helmet that looked good and paired well with hand made bikes and leather saddles, yet also met European safety standards. Covered in moleskin, the helmet is available in grey, tan, orange and blue, and they hope to offer customizable bands for the future.


Helmets are a very expensive item to create, as the tooling and impact testing can easily run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dappercap is on Kickstarter as they need the additional funding to help create the inner liner, pads and molds for the small and large sizes. Early adopters can get in for £100, and they hope to deliver all the sizes in the spring of 2015.

WingLights are indicator lights for the ends of your handlebars, and they just launched today. Especially at night, drivers cannot see your hand signals, so WingLights helps ensure that you are visible from all sides.


They mount magnetically, making them easy to remove and take with you, and actuate with a simple tap on the end. Their Kickstarter campaign is to raise enough money to purchase the first production run. You can get in for as little as £14, and they will deliver in May of 2015.

The MagLOCK pedal uses rare-earth magnets to act like a clipless pedal, yet has the full support of a flat pedal. If you get in as one of the first backers, these pedals, with your choice of black, blue or purple spindles can be yours for $150. The “clip out” force can be adjusted by simply adding or removing the magnets to the inside of the pedal, under a stainless steel plate. Said to be good for all riders of all ability levels, their campaign is just getting started. More information on the MagLOCK pedal here.


  1. That wiscowood video really makes me want some NessAlla Kombucha… Can you fax me some from Madison? I’ll buy a wood thingy… Blueberry please!

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