Launching a few new products for 2015, éclat BMX is pushing the envelope on their parts, making them simpler and more durable. The new Stevie Fork was built for sponsored rider Stevie Churchill, when he needed a fork that can hold up to huge drops. Built with strength in mind, it gets a full immersion heat treat to the 4130 chromoly body. Also featuring a CNC machined steerer tube, and peg-friendly investment cast dropouts.

Check out more details on the fork, and other new 2015 hubs and cranks from éclat after the jump…


Stevie wanted his fork to work for all riders, so there are both street (26mm) and all around (32mm) offsets available. Stevie has given his stamp of approval on the balance of weight and strength on these forks, but there is no announced price yet.


  • Material full liquid post heat-treated seamless 4130 crmo
  • Fully cnc’d steerer, spiral fluted & single butted fork blades / fork design now requires no bearing runner on crown / designed for integrated, 45° headsets
  • Steererlength 170mm
  • Dropouts fully invest cast dropout / heat-treated 4130 crmo, 3/8″ (10mm)
  • Offset 26mm or 32mm
  • Topbolt M24 thread, 7075-T6 alloy
  • Colors black, trans green, c.p.
  • Weight 1028g (36.26oz : 2.27lbs) 32mm offset


Blind Freecoaster

Probably the coolest new idea from éclat, the Blind Freecoaster can actually be switched between Left Side Drive and Right Side Drive in just a few minutes with simple tools. It is also convertible into a cassette hub as well, and can take male or female style axles, for a truly versatile hub. We mentioned it when it was first launched, and it is now available for $199.99.

They say it took them over 5 years to develop this hub, using their team for testing, but it paid off now that they have a hub that can do almost anything. They also have alloy and nylon hub guards available for them, since long rail slides have become the norm, and there is a matching front hub as well.


  • Material 6061-T6 alloy hub-shell
  • Axle 14mm hollow bore, or 3/8s” female axle, hardened heat-treated crmo axle
  • Bearings 2 high quality bearings
  • Spokes 36h
  • Colors black, high polished, dark blue
  • Driver 9t (8t available separately), driver features polymer bushing
  • Features Unique freecoaster mechanism, RHD & LHD “SDS” system / allows switching the driver direction from right side to left side with the same hub / allen key inner axle for easy maintenance / updated ratchet ring design, Shane Weston signature hub
  • Weight 590g (20.8oz)

Even though you probably don’t have one of these hubs if you are reading this, the instructional video on how to change from LHD to RHD is pretty cool, and shows how they were able to make such a versatile hub.


Aeon Crank

New for 2015, éclat wanted t make a crank that was extremely simple to install and remove from the bike. It can be done with just two allen keys, thanks to the patented Expanding Axle System they have created for it. Made from heat-treated 4130, and available in 170mm or 175mm lengths, the 901g crankset is left and right side drive compatible, and goes for $175.


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