2015 SRAM XX1 Black 1x11 mountain bike group

Since black is the new black, SRAM has gone stealth with the XX1 Black group. Formerly only available with bright red logos, and a few other colors as OEM options for complete bike makers, the new group color is set to make it look better no matter what color frame or anodized Chris King headset you choose for your ultra high-end ride.

Also incorporating the new X-SYNC Direct Mount Chainring, the XX1 Black group brings the newest of what SRAM has to offer, along with some nice new accessory additions. Take a look inside to see the other components and new small parts…

2015 SRAM XX1 Black 1x11 mountain bike group

There are no mechanical changes (aside from using a different existing chainring on the crank) to any of the XX1 Black group’s parts, it is still the industry-leading 1×11 pioneer that has changed so many of our rides for the better.

2015 SRAM XX1 Black 1x11 mountain bike group

The XX1 Black group consists of an XX1 Crankset with X-SYNC Direct Mount Chainring ($456 for GXP, $488 for BB30), XX1 Rear Derailleur ($326), XX1 Trigger Shifter ($183), XG-1199 X-Dome Cassette  and PC-XX1 Chain. The cassette and the chain are the only items not getting any cosmetic treatment, as their siblings in the X01 family area already black, and the distinctive champagne finish of the cassette is both a performance and visual difference for the higher-end cassette.

UPDATE: Some of our eagle-eyed readers noticed differences on this photo from the current crop of XX1 rear derailleurs.  We contacted SRAM to hear about this, and they confirmed here that the photo shown above was wrong, and that the XX1 rear derailleur maintained the wide/narrow tooth profile in the pulleys, and the windows as well.

2015 SRAM XX1 Black 1x11 mountain bike group

SRAM did not release new pricing on the chain and cassette since they are unchanged from the original XX1 group. The cassette retails for $425 and the chain for $63.


1×11 is completely changing the industry, and even allowing some bike manufacturers to be more creative with frame design being only compatible with a single front chainring. However, most manufacturers are still insuring the most choice for their customers, and designing bikes with front derailleurs in mind. If you have one of those frames, this High Direct Mount Front Derailleur Cover ($15) from Sram should hide that mounting point, and match the rest of the group nicely.


Race Face has offered rubber boots as a stock item with their cranks for years, even available in a rainbow of colors, SRAM’s starting out with all black to match the new stealth group. If you haven’t heard of these, they cover the ends of expensive carbon cranks so rock gardens don’t eat your expensive investment for lunchThey are quite simple, but make a huge difference as I’ve had some off-branded ones on my X0 cranks for a few years, and while the boots are torn up, the cranks are still fine. SRAM simply calls them the Carbon Crank Boot, and they are $10.



  1. I’ve been running the raceface boots on my sram cranks for years. They fit great and they have certainly kept my cranks in choice condition for the few times that I do end up bashing them.

  2. Please, please please quit equating “black” with “stealth”. Did all you journalists get some king of memo on this?
    It black. Sans riding in the dark, there is nothing “stealth” about it.

    The man in stealth.

  3. You adventurous types with your carbon cranks. Wish I could post pictures of the various random places I’ve smashed alu cranks that would make me cry $100 bills if they were carbon…

  4. The pulley wheels also don’t look like they have the narrow wide pattern any more which was not needed and could get misaligned if the back of the bike took a big enough hit.

  5. I like how FD mount covers are becoming the proverbial trailer hitch plug with bikes.

    @Steve: Good point. Not a surprise they got rid of the N/W on those pulleys.

  6. Not extremely mind-blowing or earth-shattering but that new rear mech looks nice. Glad they aren’t doing multiple colorways of their high end stuff like they used to..

  7. Yet again SRAM proves the theory that if you have a stash of new parts in your workshop it’s best to sell them immediately, lest they become spontaneously obsolete and lose 25% value.

    I guess my city bike is getting a grey and red XX1 group…..

  8. Pulleys are different and the clutch is “Type 2.1”. So the claim from article that there are no mechanical changes is not so true?

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