With CES in full swing, its been somewhat common to see tech companies offer some cycling related products. But how about when it comes the other way, and a cycling company uses their technical abilities to make electronic accessories?

Famous German company Lightweight is launching their new line of SCHUTZCHILD covers for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6plus and Samsung Galaxy S5. People who use the new generation of iPhone or Galaxy are now able protect their phones with a full carbon fiber cover of only 7g weight and a wall thickness of only 0,5mm. The Lightweight logo can be found at the back of every SCHUTZSCHILD, printed in the same way they do for all of their wheels.

Jump past the break for the specs…


  • High end full carbon fiber smartphone cover
  • Available for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6plus / iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s / Samsung Galaxy S5 / Samsung Galaxy S4
  • “Classy, feelable carbon fiber structure”
  • High end pad printing like on Lightweight wheels
  • Perfect edge protection
  • Only 0,5mm wall thickness
  • CNC machined
  • Only 7g light
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Owners manual in English and German
  • Available at your Lightweight dealer


  1. I wonder if these will have any shock absorbing qualities. Otherwise I imagine and shock impact transferring directly to the phone via the thin carbon shell.

  2. I always like me a “feelable” carbon fiber structure.
    But to be classy, it must surely be a feelable carbon fibre structure. Fiber is so proletarian.

  3. I wonder if you have a warrantee issue with this case, it will take over a year to replace. Like it takes, with their wheels.

  4. $225, I didn’t even pay that for my phone! The company does have a cool history to them before and leading up to their buy out by Carbon Sports. Basically wood molds, scrap carbon, a shed, and a dream.

  5. I want a protective case made of a silicon bag about the size of a large grapefruit. The phone would nestle into. I may never set it down, just sit there a fondle it all day long.
    That is a Billion dollar idea. You’re welcome.

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