Biowheels Gerry Cain Schulze podium
Photo c. Mitch Graham, Biowheels

With tree-gate behind us, the USA Cyclocross nationals are in full swing and only a day late. After some tremendous racing that saw Cincinnati locals like Gerry Schulze with Team Biowheels in 5th for women’s Master cat, and Nicholas Petrov taking the Junior 11-12 win for the Lionhearts Junior Racing Program, you can catch the rest of the racing live, today. Thanks to SRAM and BTB TV, all of the glorious, muddy, and only slightly rerouted racing is on now! Good luck to Nicholas’ brother Spencer duking it out as we speak!

Schedule after the jump…

  • 12:45 Pre-Game Show
  • 1:15 Junior Male 17-18 Race Start
  • 1:16 Junior Female 17-18 Race Start*
  • 1:17 Junior Female 15-16 Race Start*
  • 2:15 U23 Men Race Start
  • 3:20 Elite Women Race Start
  • 4:25 Elite Men Race Start


  1. Hey Zach, I’m offended by your yocalism. How ’bout an update on how the racers from Santa Cruz or San Francisco did?

  2. Saris, everyone knows California has some great cyclists. Cincinnati just needs a little recognition every now and then… 😉

  3. Isn’t the podium for US cross racing between the same handful of people every time? They could’ve put up a live-sized cutout of last year’s podium and told everyone to go home.

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