100% handmade in Leipzig, Germany, Mcfk has a new carbon rim design that is light enough for XC, but designed for Enduro, that has no weight limit.

Using an asymmetrical, hook less design, the tubeless rims are just 295g in 27.5″ size. Adding on that, they also mold in the nipple seat instead of drilling it, adding more stiffness since all fibers are continuous, so there is also no limit to the spoke tension.

Available in both 27.5″ and 29″ sizes, the rims have a very interesting sidewall design that is over 5mm thick. Attractive because they should be strong and impact resistant, the thick walls also reduce the inside width of the 35mm wide rims to 24.5mm inside, negating some of benefits of a wide rim.

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  • 27.5″
  • ERD: 542 mm;
  • Weight:  295 g
  • External width:  35 mm
  • Inner width: 24,5 mm
  • Height:  29 mm
  • Asymmetries:  3,5 mm
  • Holes:  28
  • Nipple hole diameter:  4,5 mm
  • 29″
  • ERD: 580 mm
  • Weight:  320 g
  • External width:  35 mm
  • Inner width: 24,5 mm
  • Height:  29 mm
  • Asymmetry:  3,5 mm
  • Holes: 28
  • Nipple hole diameter:  4,5 mm

The rims are available in the normal Mcfk finishes of UD Carbon or 3K.  They offer them as a rim for €789 or a complete wheelset with Syntace HiTorque MX hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes for €2,189, all hand built in Leipzig.


  1. 789 Euros each minus 19% of VAT deduction if you import them directly to North America (or Mexico in my case). It doesnt seem that bad specially if you compare them to Enves.

  2. What am I missing here? The other day you wrote a lengthy missive about road tubeless that spoke volumes about MTB tubeless. These rims appear to be drilled therefor requiring tape and/or sealant to be tubeless. Are these tubeless or tubeless-ready?

  3. 888 euros for UD, which are 305 grams. I am having Starbike putting a wheelset together with Kappius 1.5 hubs and Sapim CX Ray spokes. You save over 500 euros when you take away the VAT and the 135 euro wheelbuilding discount….

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