It’s no secret that many riders are looking to wider tires for the road. Wider tires bring bigger contact patches for better traction, and the larger casing usually provides an improved ride quality that trumps overall weight for a lot of cyclists. Initially shown at Interbike 2014, Michelin’s latest big tire option comes in the form of the 28mm Pro4 Endurance.

As the first 28mm option for the Michelin Pro4 series, the Endurance is a likely place to start thanks to its improved puncture resistance. Due to the internal reinforcement, the tire is said to be 40 percent less likely to puncture over the closest competition. When you’re talking about wider, more comfortable tires, a tire that is less prone to flatting is certainly a smart move.

Available now through Michelin’s dealer network, check out the details on pricing, weight, and more after the jump…

Available in a single option in black, the 28mm Pro4 Endurance adds just 40g over the claimed weight of the 25mm sibling, with the 28mm weighing in at 285g. Carrying the same MSRP as other Pro4 Endurance models, the widest addition will sell for $60.99.

From Michelin:

Greenville, S.C.  (Jan 20, 2015) – In response to bike riders increased demands for performance and protection, Michelin has armed its distribution network with the MICHELIN PRO4 Endurance road racing tire in a 700x28mm size. The tire provides a wider contact patch ideal for a wide range of bicycles and riding conditions. The MICHELIN PRO4 Endurance 28mm also offers enhanced protection against punctures and a dual compound tread for long wear and excellent cornering grip.

The 700×28 mm PRO4 Endurance tire is available in North America through Michelin’s distribution network, which includes Quality Bicycle Products and Hawley.

“We know that a larger contact patch to provide a more comfortable ride and protection against punctures while not sacrificing performance is important to riders,” said Yohann Leblanc, sales and marketing manager, Michelin North America Bicycle. “The PRO4 is one of our most popular road tires and this 28mm tire hits the sweet spot for today’s rider demands.”
The 700x28mm PRO 4 Endurance is part of the growing contingent of wider, more durable road tires that are gaining popularity in the market. Through internal surveys, Michelin found that for 76% of users, a key requirement for their tire, is protection against punctures in these mass-start, semi-competitive rides, while competitive racing enthusiasts also look for impeccable grip on wet roads.

To meet those demands, Michelin added a reinforcing layer that increases puncture resistance by 40%** and contributes to the tire’s superior endurance. Simultaneously, Michelin’s Bi-Compound tread was specially developed to provide exceptional wear resistance while also improving grip on corners. Thanks to these features the 700×28 PRO4 Endurance tire perfectly meets the main requirements of riders and racers, delivering outstanding performances in these specific areas.

The 700×28 mm PRO4 Endurance continues to gain popularity among experienced riders. ” I had the chance to use the new Michelin 700X28C Pro4 Endurance during our 2014 Gran Fondo, I would recommend this tire to anyone planning to ride a Gran Fondo or Century this year. It provides the greatest ride comfort and all-around protection against puncture,” said George Hincapie, champion road racer and head of Hincapie Sportswear. Product development has always been a priority for Michelin and this is reflected in the Group’s premium positioning. Over 1.5 million tires in the MICHELIN PRO4 range have already been sold worldwide since it launched three years ago.



  1. Nice. What will actual retail availability be like? (The GP 4000 S II in 28mm can still be hard to find in stock even 15 months after they were announced.)

  2. I’m still dying to get a pair of Michelin Muds in that famous Michelin Green color.


  3. I’d be curious to know how these actually measure. Michelins have always been a larger volume tyre than most competitors. My PRO 4’s that are 25 measure 27 on a 23mm rim.

  4. @john – Rollout has been slow on those GP4Ks, but the internet and your LBS will be flooded with them by spring. Should be the new reference tire, IMO.

  5. The 25C Michelin Pro4 Service Course is quite wide: review A:
    This review is specifically for the 700c x 25mm tire size. Check on-line reviews for this tire before purchase. I installed these tires on HED Belgium 23mm rims and the outer casing width is 28.5mm. According to multiple on-line reviews (which I didn’t read until after purchase), this tire grows after break-in to 30mm. My frame doesn’t have clearance for this tire – a complaint echoed by many reviewers. I ultimately purchased the 23mm version of this tire and, while the sizing is accurate, I’m still searching for a true 25mm tire. review B:
    On 23w x 22d rim the 23c measures 25.7mm. The 25c measured 28.5mm. review C:
    As some reviews have noted, the 25C version is actually at least a 27C. It measures 27.0 mm on Ritchey Zeta rims. On wider Pacenti SL23 rims, it measures 28.5 mm

  6. Yep, I installed a “standard” 25 Course on my homie’s IRT wheelset (23mm wide rims) and ended up measuring to 27.9. The tire rode brilliantly though. We haven’t gone back to those whimpy skinny tires.

  7. Wide rims are fairly new and people are surprised that tyres measure up big vs. their listed size (almost certainly measured on i14/15mm)? Really?!

  8. Hasn’t it come the time that tyres/tires are also measured from bead to bead over the tread?

    It would be a meaningful measurement of size, that wouldn’t be dependant on a notional rim width.

  9. “Hasn’t it come the time that tyres/tires are also measured from bead to bead over the tread?”

    Yes please!

    Road tires traditionally have a b2b value 2.5 times their rated width but this is not mandatory. Sheldon Brown mentions this. It would be great to specify that measurement directly or have a rating derived directly from it.

    As much as this would help roadies, it would be a huge improvement for MTB where ratings, and dishonesty, are pervasive. WTB would not get away with calling its 2.5″ TrailBlazer a 2.8 if such honest ratings were enforced.

  10. @Robert W – I’ve run both, the Pro4 Endurance as well as the Rarigi Roubaix. The 25 Pro4 measures just a hair smaller (27.4) than the 27 Roubaix (28.2) on my rims. The Pro4 also gets about twice as many miles than the Roubaix. But the Roubaix rides sooooo much nicer, so I stick with the Roubaix.

  11. I’m a pretty big fan of 28c road tires, especially now that well-maintained and/or freshly paved roads are all but non-existent now.

  12. @CXisfun – I’ve been using the 27mm Roubaix now for a year coming from Pro 4 service course 25mm. It is a great tire. The Pro 4 got cut up too fast.

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