Pretty simple in concept, a chromoly steel stamping with three holes, the Eclat Universal Hub Guard has the most apropos name ever. Designed to be universal in fitment, and strong enough to guard your hub, the simple chunk of steel will fit nicely between your peg and frame. It is ambidextrous, all you need to do if you run your drive train on the wrong side is to move the bolt to the other hold, and install. The small bolt locates on the dropout slot to prevent the guard from turning. All of the current hub guards they make are 7075 alloy, so making this in chromo is said to make it stronger, and less expensive as well. They will be available later this year.


“In today’s world of peg trickery and heavy street riding, hub guards are simply a necessity for any rider. For 2015 we have been hard at work on a whole series of groundbreaking new products, designed with the modern street rider in mind. Here is a look at our new Overguard we’ve had in development for a while now. The Overguard is BMX’s very first fully universal drive-side hub guard.Fully CNC machined out of heat treated 4140 chromoly, this guard is not only totally indestructible but also highly functional. The idea came about when we realized how much hassle most riders have when trying to get a driver side hub guard that will be compatible with their rear hub and not be susceptible to damage. We went to the drawing board and what we came up with was a unique design that allowed the guard to fit to pretty much every hub/frame/peg on the market.”

Click past the jump to see the guards uninstalled, and it will give you a good idea how simple (and genius) they really are…



  1. yeah but where is that g-sport one? still working on it?
    doesn’t matter who did what first.. (it’s BMX everything has been done)

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