Limited edition Rolf Prima Vigor Alpha silver alloy road bike wheels

Rolf Prima has released another limited edition of their Vigor wheels, this time for standard road bikes. Last month it was the Vigor FX for track bikes, and this January it’s the Vigor Alpha road wheels.

Their best selling model, the Vigor Alpha comes in at just 1450g with their 33mm deep rim. These special edition ones add two more spokes to the front and come in at 1510g for the pair. Rolf’s folks told us the extra spokes (which is the same count they use on their Vigor Alpha tubulars, BTW) ads just a bit more stiffness and gives them a slightly differentiated look beyond color.

Rim width is 22mm, and they include the usual premium features like Enduro ceramic bearings, titanium freehub body and bladed Sapim CX Ray spokes.

Limited edition Rolf Prima Vigor Alpha silver alloy road bike wheels

Decals are a muted gray. The rims are extruded and wheels built in house in their Eugene, OR, headquarters.

Limited edition Rolf Prima Vigor Alpha silver alloy road bike wheels

Retail is$1,399 per set, a $100 premium over the standard black anodized model.


  1. I’ve never ridden these but I like how their other wheels feel. The bad part is breaking a spoke. A wrench will get you nowhere

  2. I’ve ridden Rolf Prima wheels for years. They never go out of true. I broke a spoke only once, after riding that wheel for many thousands of miles. That one time, I kept on riding and got home without any problems. Great wheels for the money, and I like that they’re hand built in the USA. Hubs are made in the USA by White Industries.

  3. I’ve got 10 years on my paired spoke wheelset (bontrager). Have never gone out of true or broken a spoke. Function over fashion every time.

  4. To the doubters, you are justified in your questions. But rest assured!

    Rolf has been making wheels this way forever and I’ve sold them for 12 years. My own 2 year old shop carries these instead of better known brands (M). The wheels are nearly indestructible.

    I had a customer who put close to 100,000 miles on a pair before his bike was stolen, never trued. 2 runs of P-B-P on them and many, many other races.

    The price premium is well justified:g White Industires hubs with a titanium freehub body that won’t need to be replaced from cassettes chewing them up, Sapim spokes and a home-made rim. It’s not just that everything is built by hand in the US (except the Belgian spokes), it’s that good work costs money and good design works.

  5. I have a set of ~14 year old Rolf wheels that came with a Trek that I’ve ridden probably around 100,000 kilometers on. Still true. I’ve crashed and they have been through the war with me. The hubs aren’t so great any more but I still ride the wheels with confidence.

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