bikerumor pic of the day This is a Xprezo bike "Gros Big" Hand maid here in Québec.  Enjoy riding in St Sauveur Québec.

Photos submitted by Francois Gaudreault, “This is a Xprezo bike ‘Gros Big’ handmade here in Québec. Enjoy riding in St Sauveur Québec. This winter we miss about a feet of snow from the normal winter.”

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2015-02-26 15.00.52

St Sauveur Québec

…and, “Here my friend Yves, trying my bike at -16 Celsius! We ride 3 hour this day, it was my first day on a fat bike. It is gift made to myself for my retirement.” The dog belonged to a skier they ran into at the summit of Loup Garou in St Adèle.

2015-02-17 15.01.56

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