Trek Powerfly plus FS (1)

The landscape of e-bikes is quickly changing – faster than the opinions of the motorized bicycles. The idea of electric mountain bikes is especially controversial at least here in the U.S. which is probably why Trek’s new Powerfly FS + won’t be making it here any time soon. Trek is calling the Powerfly FS + a “Europe only” model which is why you won’t be finding it on the Trek U.S. website. But if you happen to be one of our international readers or just want to see what Trek and Bosch have been up to, read on…

Trek Powerfly plus FS (1) Trek Powerfly plus FS (2)

bosch trek e bike (1) bosch trek e bike (2)

Built loosely around the Fuel EX 27.5″ full suspension frame, the Powerfly + FS has a few geometry tweaks like longer chainstays, and more trail at the fork which are likely made to adapt to the added heft and power of the electronic motor. The 120mm travel frame also does away with the Full Floater suspension linkage, though the ABP convert (Active Braking Pivot) is still in place. An E2 tapered steer, 142×12 rear dropout, and internal cable routing (including the ability to integrate lights into the frame) are also employed.

Hinting toward the Powerfly’s use as an actual mountain bike, the Bosch motor is housed in an exclusive MotorArmor cover that should act a bit like a skid plate during impacts to the bottom bracket area. Realistically, the aluminum cover is mainly to prevent rocks thrown up from the front wheel from damaging the motor but it also serves as protection for derailleur cables and other frame elements. Capable of speeds up to 25 km/h, the motor is powered by a 400 watt lithium ion battery that should charge in roughly 3.5 hours. Trek’s Ride+ power system is controlled through a fairly standard Bosch control unit at the handle bar which allows riders to change the level of power assist from nothing to full power – but you always have to pedal for the bike to move. If overall battery life on your ride isn’t a concern, there is even a USB port on the screen which allows you to charge other devices while riding.

Trek Powerfly plus FS (3) Trek Powerfly plus FS (2)

Trek will be selling the Powerfly + FS in Europe with three different build levels, the top end 9, followed by the 7, and 5. All three bikes have the same electronic hardware but drop the pricing through the use of lower priced componentry on the rest of the bike. Powerfly + FS pricing starts out with the 3,599€ 5, then jumps to 4,199€ for the 7, and 4,699€ at the top.




  1. Keep them in Europe as they will only hurt our land access rights here in the US. And finally, go get a f**k**g MX bike if that’s what you want…

  2. Hey, why is BR deleting the hate comments? Isnt that what its all about? Especially with E bikes??? E bikes put the E in HATE!

  3. It’s finally happening, a big American bike manufacturer is producing an e-mtn-bike. I’m ok with e-road-bikes for commuting, but not for mtb due to the potential to harm land access issues. Trek is officially on my boycott list. I own two Specialized, but will be boycott them too if they decide to copy Trek.

  4. Canyon bikes and a squishy E bike from Trek,very good ! Not sure I still want a green card anymore. Uh,and free healthcare too if a bad crash happens…

  5. @AbelF

    Bikerumor heavily sensors the comment section of all their articles. If it doesn’t go with how they want it perceived it gets deleted. Score one for open consumer thought and opinions….

  6. It tickles me to see how this subject knots panties.

    With that said, I’m all for increasing for people that otherwise wouldn’t have access. We’ve yet to see the cataclysmic closing of trail access due to e-bikes, and it’s only opinion that supports anyone’s view that this will cause trail access issues.

  7. Ride one (any pedal-assist electric bike) and you will never mistake it for a motorcycle or moped. We’re only talking an additional 250watts here, folks. The only thing this will do to land access is allow less fit riders to access trails a bit higher up the hill.

    Some of the anti-e-bike statements I’ve read sound exactly like the MTB opponents of the early 90’s. Funny, how short the memory can be..

  8. An e-bike is, by definition, a motorcycle. Correct me if I’m wrong, but an electric motor is still a motor. They won’t hurt the trails with a few extra watts, but as of now, mountain bike trails do not allow motorized vehicles; this is a motorized vehicle. This rule aside, there should be no qualms about sharing the trail with them. Though, personally I absolutely hate the idea of an e-mountain bike…

  9. Henry, i frequently write posts criticizing BR’s editorial practices and especially its commitment to proofreading. I’ve never had one of those comments deleted.

    I’m also an armchair mechanical engineer (at least when I sit in an armchair; when I’m standing up, I guess I’m a regular mechanical engineer). And I write posts critical of dumb ideas and those posts don’t get deleted either.

    BR has a lot of flaws, but I’ve never found arbitrary post deletion to be among them. I’m not saying it’s never happened, but I do think it’s worth noting that it’s never happened to even a cranky poster like myself.

  10. This bike looks like no commuter or paved trail bike. I cant imagine being dissabled or with low stamina due to age or any other condition and ridding in the woods on one of these. What happens if the battery runs out and you have to pedal this 45 pound behemoth back? Do you risk a heart attack, die of exposure or call 911? Why on earth would any non dissabled person “mountain bike” on an Ebike.. Ill tell you why, lazyness.

  11. I agree with JasonK’s assessment that BR tends to delete comments that are vitriol and contribute no discussion value.

    Yeah sometimes they get typos and make mistakes, but I don’t find their censorship practices to be outta line. Maybe those deleted could stand to get a bit less frothy at the keyboard.

    AbelF that is kind of my objection to E-bikes on dirt, is the sort of false sense of security. I’ve completely discharged a battery before (commuting), and pedaling a “dead” E-bike really, really sucks. If something is physically above your pay grade, stay out. That’s just good survival and self assessment. When I see a double-expert section on a trail that is new to me, I hesitate…

  12. the threat of ebiking hardly compares to the rampant spread and real threat of internet butthurt. …for which there are no telethons or charity rides for.

  13. I don’t think people understand what e-bikes are about. When I get too old to pedal I am going to buy one, and immediately soup it up so I can blow roost everywhere. If you’re going to have assist then go all the way. I would be the reason to not allow these on trails.

  14. BR delete any comment that goes against their interest, any, happens plenty of time and everyone knows it. I bet they will delete this one too…

  15. I can’t believe Trek or any other big bike brand would make a eMountain bike. Trek, who is big supporter of IMBA and other trail access groups just made the case for trails being closed and those who do work hard for access, just made those peoples jobs harder…. thanks Trek!
    Why can’t we just have eBikes for street/ commuting purposes, (deleted).

    Boycott Trek, or any other company that makes such bikes!

  16. …You did read the part about it being a non-US product?…

    It might be because Trek and IMBA have a relationship. Pretty simple: IMBA probably said keep that stuff off our dirt.

  17. jeff, I can’t agree with you more. I bought a fatbike and the deciding factor was that one company sold a e-bike fatbike. They did not get my money.
    I have friends who are roadies and have never gone off road. They enjoy cycling just as much as I do. So don’t give me the excuse of disabled people getting out on trails.
    If you need a e-bike then get one and use it. When your fitness is enough the get a mountain bike and hit the trails.

  18. At least it is being kept in Europe.

    If people think these will keep them on MTBs when they are old and can’t pedal what about core and upper body strength issues needed to ride?

  19. Anytime you have people with their undies in a bunch about something before they even try it, then you know you have something worth exploring. Pedal assist just takes the edge off of hard climbs and makes it so you can go further. Most people who try them have a big smile on their face when they come back from a spin. Try one then judge. They aren’t for everyone. One application is that e-assist bikes can help significant others go ride with you when they aren’t as fit.

  20. For all the people knocking the ebike, just wait until you get older or sick and can no longer ride! This will allow me to ride with my friends rather than collecting stamps! And your time will come, so how about look at the posistive of what this might offer?

  21. Dealer perspective here- Any one company has only so many resources for R&D and manufacturing development. In the U.S. market, Fat Bike sales are where it’s at right now. For them to have no inventory and none on the horizon and no plans for an FS bike next year, I think this E bike nonsense represents a woefully misplaced use of resources. I may not be an expert on U.S. vs Euro markets, but I think they are really whiffing on this.

  22. E Bikes may not be our favorite, but people keep buying them. Lots of them.

    That’s how Trek became the best, most successful brand today. They make awesome versions of what people are currently buying.

  23. This is happening weather we like it or not. Bosch has a well thought out design that is trail friendly. It is not a motor bike it has no throttle, there is no doing burn outs up hills causing damage. the only thing this is going to do is open up trails to more people, which means more bike sales and more people on bikes(electric or otherwise) yes more people on trails means more damage to the trail however this may also mean that more people riding and wanting trails which in turn will lead to more trails being built. so just suck it up when a fat guy on an e-bike passes you, ride your own ride.

  24. @Luthar

    Over 400,000 e-bikes were sold in Germany alone last year. That’s hardly nonsense, especially if you compare the actual numbers rather than relying on your own limited anecdotal evidence. How many fat bikes do you think were sold in the US last year?

    According to the BPSA, it was about 37,000.

  25. moderators please move this article to “motor” thx. 😉

    another vote for non motorized anything on trails.

  26. “No full-floater and no Boost-148? What’s going on there guys? Yo soy confusado.” It definitely has Full Floater, but not DRCV which is probably what you’re thinking of. And it doesn’t have Boost 148 because it’s a 650b bike, not a 29er.

  27. @Seraph

    If you look at photos of the bike on other sites, you can see that it does not have Full Floater, but rather a fixed shock mount.

  28. What a bunch of little babies on this site. Waaaaaaaaa boooohoooo, ebikes are for sissies and they are this and that.
    Why the he11 do you sad idiots care if someone rides an ebike? I got to ride one a few weeks ago and their fun. I may even get one when the technology gets better and as I age further. Im not 20 years old anymore. I cannot climb like I Used to, but I can still go down and have fun like anyone else. But my question is, why do some of you give a damn what someone else does or buys? Some of you are sad and pathetic litlle children. Grow up and let people ride and buy what they want. Go cry and complain to your mommy.

  29. i really feel sorry for you Americans, as you can’t mountainbike anywhere.
    Here in France we can bike and use an electric assisted bike almost anywhere except private land .

  30. Unbelevable – The ignorance of some of the comments above, things like – “people that ride e-bikes are lazy, ignorant etc” when you get to 40 plus or worse still have some ailment that stops you getting out and about (like you used to when you was 20) and you still want to go up a decent trial and enjoy life as best you can you might want to give one a go.

    • Well said…. These remarks putting these bikes down are from people that hate change or never have ridden one…

      These bikes make the average rider (who works for a living) to enjoy the sport. IT DOES NOT make ruts in the trail like a motorcycle… I do not spin the tire all the way up the hill…

      Like it or not they are here and when more ride them, they will become just as popular over here in the US as they are in Europe. Once they see that they are not motorcycles…

  31. Do you clowns care about anyone but yourself. I have been mountain biking for years and now have nerve damage in my feet caused by neuropathy. I’m not ready to give up biking because of the pain from applying pressure to the pedals when I can get a little assistance.

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