Strava app for Apple WatchThe Apple Watch is coming on April 24, 2015, and already Strava has an app for that.

While details are scant at the moment, the screenshot available shows a weekly goal recap, highlighting hours ridden, miles covered, elevation climbed and a daily and overall graphing of progress. At least six other screens appear to be available, and we’re thinking some basic controls like start/stop and finish/save will be among the options.

We’re thinking it’d be cool for the watch to vibrate at certain points, whether for an upcoming turn when using their mapped ride navigation feature, or if you’re falling under a training threshold. Or if it’s just time to start an interval.

They do mention “real time tracking” in their teaser, but the watch does not have GPS built in, so you’d need to keep it in a pocket or arm band to keep a breadcrumb trail of your ride. It does have an accelerometer, though, so it should be able to figure out cadence and general activity.

We’ve reached out for more info and will update as it comes in. UPDATE: Got it, full PR after the break.

PRESS RELEASE: Strava, the premier global online community for athletes, has redesigned its acclaimed mobile app specifically for Apple Watch. Strava’s intuitive, sport-specific design will seamlessly integrate with Apple Watch’s distinctive technology, delivering effortless connectivity and a more personal, engaging, and real-time training experience for cyclists and runners.

“Apple has shaped the space it operates in by pushing the boundaries of technology and design. Strava has been on a similar journey, connecting a global community of athletes through its innovative products and experience,” states Erik Joule, Strava’s chief marketing and commerce officer. “The redesigned app will extend the breadth of Strava’s product portfolio from web ( and mobile (iOS and Android apps) to the most anticipated wearable device of our time, Apple Watch.”
Combining Strava’s and Apple’s shared passion for revolutionary technology and beautiful design, Strava for Apple Watch is a leap forward in innovation for online athletic communities.

Among its feature set, Strava for Apple Watch will empower athletes to track time, speed and distance in real time, toggle seamlessly between Ride and Run modes, and automatically sync activities with their Strava profiles.

  • Intuitive on-wrist display: Track their performance on Apple Watch in real time while keeping their phones safely tucked away
  • Real-time segments: Receive alerts as you approach a starred segment, check elapsed time in the moment, then get instant results at the finish
  • Weekly training progress at a glance: Utilizing Apple Watch’s innovative Glances feature, Strava’s personalized training dashboard summarizes weekly training volume and progress toward goals
  • Immediate hands-free results: Completed activities automatically sync with Strava and results are instantly summarized on the Apple Watch display
  • Fast transitions between ride and run modes: Multi-sport athletes can easily toggle between modes by using Apple Watch’s Force Touch sensing capabilities

“Strava is committed to enhancing the experience for the athlete before, during and after each of his or her activities,” states Kyle Yugawa, design lead at Strava. “Strava for Apple Watch fulfills a big part of this commitment by delivering an optimum ‘live’ experience that leverages Apple’s beautiful design and Strava’s interface.”


  1. “…the watch does not have GPS built in, so you’d need to keep it in a pocket or arm band to keep a breadcrumb trail of your ride”.

    Why won’t the watch be able to track your ride on your wrist, but will be able to from a pocket or armband?

  2. @Hal

    The watch uses the iPhone’s gps for its maps etc hence he reason you’d need an armband to keep the iPhone nearby on your ride etc.

  3. @Hal: It should say that you would need to carry your *iPhone* in your pocket so its GPS can be used.

    The key thing is the watch can track heart rate and provide feedback that your safely tucked away phone can’t.

  4. Am I the only one that has no interest in wearing an expensive accessory while riding? I mean there’s no way this watch can handle a drop from a crash. I’ve crashed my 805 on the road and mountain bike. It always either is fine or just kinda bounces on the ground with minimal scratches. No thanks to something that will shatter the first time it hits the ground…

  5. I’m really looking forward to this. The Apple Watch is going to be incredibly useful for many reasons and I hoped it would have Strava. So long Garmin and your crappy products with horrible quality control.
    By the way as others said it will get GPS from the iPhone. Two seconds research would have discovered that. The iPhone can be in your jersey pocket where mine is anyway.
    I understand that Android users are upset that Googles lame watches have gone nowhere. Maybe you should get the real thing instead of a copy that sends all your data to Google to be sold to advertisers.
    But then you would miss out on malware, fragmentation and lower quality apps.

  6. How does a watch worn on a wrist calculate cycling cadence? Is it worn on the ankle? We all know, plenty of people will drink the Apple Juice…How long does the iphone battery last with bluetooth and gps turned on?

  7. how can looking at your wrist be any better than looking at the computer on your bars?

    mount your phone on your bars!!!

    besides the battery life on this watch is very short.

  8. I know a number of cyclists who prefer sports watches over cycling computers, and I likewise know a number of cyclists who don’t want to mount their phone on their handlebars. For those cyclists, this sort of thing just might fit their needs.

  9. I’m time-warping back to 2005 and replacing ‘Apple Watch’ with ‘dropper post’ in this article. And we all know how rare those are, as people who bashed them online snuck away to their nearest LBS (Apple Store) to buy one.

  10. I’ve just picked up my apple watch today and after unwrapping the sexy packaging to reveal beautiful piece. The watch comes to life when you turn your wrist. The app on the watch are too small. Strava is very basic but ideal when I’ve set my music fumbled with my keys pockets and ready to go. I wish the display would stay up throughout my run all I got was the feedback from my markers. So it wasn’t until I heard the 1,2,3 km markers that needed to shift up a gear. The watch converted to time and temperature and I had to fumble with dial and passcode to open up which put my run on hold!! More to learn I know.

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