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It’s been many years since Goodyear started out in 1898, but the name still has weight in the tire industry. With bicycle tires among their first products, Goodyear has a number of innovations to their credit. Along the way, the GoodYear bicycle tire faded into the distance thanks to the automotive and aerospace boom, but the name is iconic as ever.

That seems to be the reason for the company to reenter the bike industry with a new line of tires and tubes. Produced by Kent International under the licensed Goodyear mark , the line includes folding bead tires using Dupont Kevlar in all sizes from 12-29″ that will be manufactured overseas. The product announcement also covers inner tubes in both standard and self sealing varieties.

To be sold through Walmart and Dunham’s this spring, Kent is also gaining some publicity for their new bicycle manufacturing facility in Clarendon County, South Carolina which will supply Walmart with their first U.S. made bicycles in 15 years. Yes, you will soon be able to buy a U.S. made bicycle at Walmart.

Full list of sizes and options after the break…

Goodyear tire sizes folding bead 1

Goodyear tire sizes folding bead 2


  1. So this is the GMC Denali of bicycle tires. Overseas Walmart supplier buys the rights to a well known auto brand to market cheap bicycle parts to sell to a consumer that doesn’t know any better except for brand recognition.

  2. Sad.
    But we all know there is a huge subset of our population on bikes, and the mart stores are the parts source. Not defending this sales model, but after working with the poor and homeless. And those who don’t know any better. These will sell.

  3. “Correction: You will soon be able to buy a US assembled bicycle at Walmart.”
    That depends on whether the frame and fork are made here. If so it qualifies as “American Made”. Nobody sells bike that are 100% sourced in the US.

  4. Folks,

    The tires and tubes are first class quality. The tires are made with Dupont Kevlar.

    As far as the bikes from SC, the frames are from China but in 2016, they will be pulse tig welded by robots at our factory in Manning SC. We will never say Made in USA but we are bringing a bunch of jobs back to the USA.

    And one more thing, tens of thousands of folks who bought our GMC Denali bike have enjoyed it and moved up to more expensive models. Without their first purchase, they would not likely have upgraded.


  5. A dozen or so of the GMC Denali bikes made it into our little shop for repairs. Congratulations Arnold on your ability to sell these bikes. Not one was assembled well enough to be ridden safely. And despite our best efforts they are not very usable even after professional service.

  6. I put Goodyear tires on my Giant Boulder as a cheap replacement for the original Small Block Eight’s that came on the bike and I have rode on them all summer without a problem, they do roll a little slower then a more expensive tire but as for durability and grip I’d definitely buy them again.

  7. So, how much should a newbie expect to spend on tires and tubes? Just for fun and recreation. What is a fair representation of “decent?”

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