Wiseman Frameworks 27-5 plus

Dave Wiseman, of Wiseman Frameworks, originally worked in pharmaceutical sales and architectural design before changing direction to apply his love of design and knowledge of structure to that of a small scale production. Namely, frame building.

Constructing his first mountain bike frame offered a unique experience – the opportunity to manufacture what he conceptualized. Several years and frames have passed since then, bringing Dave to 2015 where he showcased his skills on NAHBS new builder aisle…

Wiseman Frameworks 27-5 plus

Dave’s made-in-Napierville, Illinois, NAHBS entry, is a fillet brazed steel Fat Bike, designed for an aggressive and quick handling ride, and made possible with design traits like a steeper head tube and short front center.

Wiseman Frameworks 27-5 plus

Ultra clean cable ports, including one for a stealth dropper post, keep the eyes focused on the paint.

Wiseman Frameworks 27-5 plus

The luscious paint on the bike is a joint collaboration between Dave and his painter, and pays homage to the flag of the City of Chicago. Note the continuation of the center stripe all the way onto the fork’s arch…

Wiseman Frameworks 27-5 plus

..and down the legs.


The NAHBS frame is constructed from True Temper steel tubing, but Dave regularly builds with Nova Cycle Supply tubesets, or any brand chosen by the customer. Other features include brass internals for the top and downtube cable runs and 170mm rear spacing.

Wiseman Frameworks 27-5 plus Wiseman Frameworks 27-5 plus

Dave’s philosophy: “In riding a Wiseman Frameworks frame, you allow me to provide you with the experiences of fun, exploration, reflection, and escape that mountain biking riding has evoked in me.”

Photos and article by Gravel Cyclist.
Jayson O’Mahoney is the Gravel Cyclist: A website about the Gravel Cycling Experience.



  1. Filet brazed frames are the sexiest out there. Baby blue is always a hit. Good lines… nice complete bike and colors. Love seeing no headset spacers w/ inverted stem… details on this bike are excellent.

  2. absolutely stunning!

    beautiful execution across the board; looking forward to seeing more from Wiseman in the future : )

  3. “His painter” is a totally rad and awesome dude named Duane who runs a bike painting business called Chester Cycles in Chicago, which you can kinda make out if you noticed the signature on the chainstays.

    Duane has painted 2 of my frames and both of them are stunners. He’s really nice and very easy to work with, and his pricing is totally reasonable for the level of quality he brings.

  4. Looks great. Nices lines and tidy paint. But, unless there is reinforcement inside the tubes where those internal runs exit there will be failures. Looks neat and tidy but is a weakness.

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