Clement MXP tubeless cyclocross tire

Clement’s MXP will be getting a tubeless ready design for the 700×33 cyclocross tire, which is the first time the brand has made a tubeless ready clincher. The X’plor MSO will join it with a tubeless ready 700×36 for gravel racers.

To make them tubeless, they added more rubber to the sidewall to make it less air permeable, and the bead was built up to hook better than a traditional bead. They’ll be a bit heavier, thanks to the extra material, but they don’t have estimated weights yet as they’re still in development. There’s not a lot more info available at the moment, but they are targeting late summer availability…just in time for ‘cross season.

Clement Xplor MSO tubeless ready gravel road bike tire

Their tubulars have been tubeless for years, with a thin butyl rubber layer vulcanized to the inside. But that’s not likely to be the construction used on the clinchers. And they have to beef up the sidewalls anyway to handle the extra stresses of lower volumes and the aggressive nature of ‘cross racing.


They’re also working on a new gravel tire that’s going to be a combination of the X’Plor USH and Strada that uses the former’s center blocks and the latter’s chevroned sides.


  1. Jon Thomas on

    The USH did a fine job of hauling my bob trailer and I on a back-roads tour from Missoula Montana to Northern California. A good balance of weight/performance/duralibility/price and they look good too.

  2. Mike A on

    Really looking forward to this. I’ve loved their tires so far. And Road tubeless could stand to have a few more options. All in all good stuff.

  3. Matt Disney on

    Sweet, but I’ve been running PDX’s and MXP’s tubeless for a year on on Stans Iron Cross rims without any real issue other than that they don’t hold air great once the sealant gets a bit old. But cool, I guess I’ll switch to proper tubeless once they are available 😀

  4. Brian on

    I’ve been using their MXP’s, PDX’s and LAS’s for two seasons now, all set up tubeless without a single issue. I even managed to taco a front wheel and the tire didn’t lose it’s seal.

  5. Magnetic Wheel Co. on

    That’s great news! Many have been waiting for a long time for Clément to go tubeless, or just going for it anyway with the regular clinchers to varying degrees of success. Good on them for finally going legit! Seeing as how hookless rim profiles are fast becoming the default for the lower pressures of mtb/cross/gravel; I wonder how “…and the bead was built up to hook better than a traditional bead” plays with a hookless rim? Surely they’re on top of that.

  6. McClain on

    I’ve also been riding my Clément LAS for gravel rides/races tubeless for a year or so… no problems. Stans Iron cross, and now i9 UL CX…

  7. Larry Miller on


  8. Eric on

    I emailed Clement the other day about it…they said they are still waiting on pre-production samples and they wouldn’t hit the market likely until November or later. I’m pretty bummed. I was hoping to get the PDX in a reliable tubeless version for cross season this year

  9. James on

    September 3rd… none of these have hit the market. Was stoked to try a set of the MXP tubeless for racing season but looks like that’s not going to happen this year. C’mon Clement!

  10. Tim on

    Finally! I have been running the PDX non-tubular version on Stans Iron Cross and have blown the tire off the rim with low pressures and hard cornering. Had another issue this weekend and was contemplating returning to tubulars. Going to hold off and give these a shot.


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