First spotted on a few bikes scattered throughout NAHBS 2015, ENVE is updating their seatpost with an all new clamp. Not just any clamp though, as the new twin bolt head combines the simplicity of a single bolt clamp with the ease of adjustment and reliability of a twin bolt, all while keeping the signature ENVE weight, comfort, and durability.

While single bolt clamps are great for ease of access with an Allen wrench, the design often leaves users struggling to get the clamp tight enough so it doesn’t slip. Once the single bolt heads are tight, it can also be a challenge to make micro adjustments in the future. ENVE’s new design addresses those issues and keeps the seatpost multi-tool friendly.

Along with the new post, ENVE is taking the opportunity to introduce a few new accessories that are sure to keep your water bottle and Garmin stylishly in place…


Inside the head of the post, the new clamp system consists of two opposing bolts and wedge systems. In order to adjust the saddle’s tilt, riders will tighten the front wedge and loosen the rear wedge forcing the nose of the saddle up. Reverse the process and the saddle will tilt down. Loosen both to adjust the fore/aft saddle positioning. Together, the twin bolts require less bolt torque than the previous model ensuring the saddle won’t slip and the clamp should be easier on carbon rails. In order to use the taller 7x10mm carbon railed saddles you will simply need to change the upper cradle of the clamp, which are clearly marked. The lower cradle can be flipped to allow for 0-18º or 9-27º of angle adjustment.

ENVE_SeatPostTwinBolt_LoRez_FrontAll ENVE_SeatPostTwinBolt_BackAll

Molded in a single piece from unidirectional carbon fiber, the posts will be available in both a 0 and a 25mm offset model in standard sizes, ENVE is also introducing a 25.4mm diameter post in 25mm offset only that will be compatible with Cannondale frames.

Seatpost specs

Sold for $275, the posts come in around 204g and are shipping now to dealers world wide.



If you’re already running an ENVE stem and want the ultimate in GPS integration, the new ENVE Computer Mount looks to be a great option. Using a standard Garmin mount that is compatible with Garmin Edge 200, 500, 510, 800, 810, 1000, Touring and Touring Plus as well as the Garmin Forerunner 310XT and 910XT with Garmin’s Quick Release kit. Designed to work only with the ENVE Road Stem, the bracket mounts to either the upper or lower bolts on the face plate providing four separate mounting positions depending on the desired height. 


Weighing in at 26g, the mounts will sell for $40.

ENVE_WaterbottleCage_LoRez_Front ENVE_WaterbottleCage_LoRez_Back

ENVE_WaterbottleCage_LoRez_ThreeQuarter ENVE_WaterbottleCage_LoRez_Side

Lastly, for the ENVE fan who has everything there is a new carbon bottle cage. Built to accommodate dual sided entry as well as vertical entry, the full carbon construction comes in at 19g.


Sold with stainless hardware for $70, the cage should hold your bottle “no matter the terrain or application.”



  1. The bottle cage…suspect.
    The ONLY water bottle cage I have ever used that will always hold it in is Blackburn Mtn cage.

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