IceToolz disc brake bleed kit and caliper alignment tools

If you’re ready to tackle a hydraulic disc brake bleed, then you’re going to want the proper tools for the job. And each brand of brakes usually has some sort of kit available, though they vary dramatically in quality. Sometimes it’s better to look to the aftermarket, and IceToolz has a new kit that has everything you need to get the job done. Well, except courage, but it’s really not as big a job as you may think.

In the box are syringes, adapters to fit them to Avid, Formula, Hayes, Magura, Shimano and Hope brakes, gloves, hoses and flow-stop clips. To the left is their new piston and pad alignment tool, and on the right is a clever rim brake pad adjustment guide. Simply slide it onto your rim, roll the wheel until it’s under the brake pads, pull the lever to squeeze the pads onto it, then tighten them down. That should put everything into proper alignment and position, making the job simple and quick.

And if those pads need to be held at a certain torque, they’ve got just the tool to do that, too…


The new IceToolz Ocarina is a T-handle torque wrench available in various ratings from 3 to 10 Newton-meters. It conveniently stores the bits in it’s handle and comes with 3/4/5/6 allen keys and a T25 bit. Any 1/4″ bit should fit, though.



Lastly, their new Sportive 7 and 8 mini multitools combine all the basics into a simple, fold-out tool. They come with a 3/4/5/6 allen keys, flat and phillips screwdrivers and a T25 bit. The Sportive 8 adds an 8mm hex key, too, via a stick-on bit over the 5mm bit.


  1. Steve on

    That rim brake pad alignment tool intrigues me, but I can’t tell whether or not it’s designed to give pads the proper “toe in,” or if it merely aligns them with the rim. There are no details on their shamefully bad website, either…alas.

  2. i on

    That rim brake alignment tool… I’ll file that under “why did it take this long for someone to think of that?” The idea seems so simple yet brilliant.

    Of course… IMO rim brakes are basically obsolete, I for one will never buy another bike with them. If they had that gizmo 15-20 years ago it would have been a godsend (assuming of course it works as advertized).

  3. David Lewis on

    For an alternative take on the rim brake pad alignment tool, look at the Jagwire Brake Pad Tuner. It might be a bit easier to fit, depending on the spoke count of your wheels, since it does not go below the rim.

  4. Local Dutchman on

    I have the Tacx brake pad alignment tool. My advcie would be not to buy it and spend the money on beer, or smething else useful.

  5. Bog on

    The jagwire pad alignment toolset is awesome. Ends up being a no brainer to get alignment and toe-in set up first time, every time.

  6. Endurobob on

    Anyone else notice that they supply fittings for brakes that run both DOT fluid and mineral oil? I can only imagine the issues that would cause if an inexperienced mechanic fails to fully clean the syringes before using them with different fluids.

  7. mario ramos on

    GEEZ GUYS – Use a folded business card or cardboard for toe in… or if you want something to attach easy to the rim….bend an aero spoke into a U shape… make sure distance of both ends are slightly closer than your rim width….attach to rim…press lever to make slightly loosened brake shoes bite into it – make sure its only on one end of the brake shoe/pad

  8. 2Fast2Wheels on

    The homage payed by the torque wrench is great. I was already a fan of Icetoolz clever designs, but consideration put into the wrench just impresses me that much further.


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