IRC has been making some impressive road tubeless tires for a while, and now the one of their lightest is growing to include a new 25mm and 28mm width.

The 25mm should come in at 300g, and the 28mm just a bit higher. They’ll head to the U.S. in June packaged with Stan’s NoTubes sealant and available through them first. About a month later they’ll start shipping by themselves through J&B and BTI.

While the name implies lightweight road, the 28 will actually get a quasi-file tread similar to their Serac CX Sand cyclocross tire we spotted at Taipei Show. That makes it their new gravel tire.


  1. Simon on

    Packaging tubeless tires WITH tubeless sealant! Good on you, IRC! Very good on you! A small thing, but putting everything in one package is a very good idea.

  2. not really here on

    i am curious why no one seems to be able to match Hutchinson when it comes to tubeless weight. 28 Sectors are 295g

  3. scentofreason on

    ‘not really here’, have you see the vittoria zaffiro pro III, they weigh 290g. And they handle gravel grinding with aplomb! Very fast on pavement also… Really, for the extra 70g I like running 28s vs something smaller just for the flexibility to ride wherever I want whenever I want. Plus, they run great tubeless (have stan’s sealant on American Classic Hurricane wheels). I weigh 220lbs and have had no issues so far (only had them tubeless for a couple of weeks, but have done 150miles of gravel grand fondos in that time – no issues).

  4. h on

    on stan’s alpha 340 rims the “25” measures juuuuuuuust shy of 28mm, so the new “28” probably goes beyond 30mm wide in real life. meanwhile the hutchinson sector measures exactly 28mm. the moral of the story? mm to mm the irc tires are very similar in weight to hutchinson, and are much more confidence inspiring as far as grip is concerned.

  5. crank on

    I have been running the IRC Formula Pro X-guard for a while now and they are great tubeless tyres. I’d like to see the x-guard version in the wider sizes.

  6. Pancakes on

    @not really here

    Historically, Hutchinson was able to achieve impressive weights by making their tires narrower than they should be. Admittedly, I haven’t run them since Fusion 3 era, but I remember the 23 being a good 3mm narrower than Michelin 23.


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