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Selle Royal created Project UP to raise awareness and celebrate several key themes, including Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, International Bike Day, and Children’s Day.  For Earth Day, five artists were chosen to create saddle designs to align with the holiday for application to a BECOZ Relaxed saddle, one that places a great emphasis on recycled and natural material construction. Only one of each saddle design will be made available to the public- learn how to get your chance after the jump…


Hailing from all over Europe, artists for the project include Marika Zottino, Armin Barducci, Fonzi Nils, Tram, and Fabio Marangoni. Selle Royal gave them complete freedom in their designs, which feature themes of nature, deities, “the fight between the natural and mechanical worlds.”

selle royal earth day barducci

Three saddles of each design will be produced, and only one of each design will be available to the public via social media competition. To enter to win your own, hop on your medium of choice and go crazy with the hashtags #sUPportProject and #EcoDesign.

For more information on Project UP, visit



  1. Does mentioning that sitting on these places your butt right on top of faces and/or tentacles really warrant a (deleted)?

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