Having made their first successful batch in 2013, LucidBrake debuts their second generation wireless, weather-proof, acceleration-sensing brake light. Early adopters of the LucidBrake 2.0 can look forward to improved power management, motion-activated on and off switches, and beacon modes that align with EU requirements. Onward to your new and improved beacon of safe mobility after the break…

The innovative LucidBrake, if you aren’t aware, is a highly visible system that brightens as you brake (initially covered by Bike Rumor back in 2013). It’s wireless, as opposed to dynamo systems, sensing sudden deceleration through sensors in the compact body- even discerning between light braking and slamming on the brakes, suddenly, and adjusts illumination accordingly. Otherwise, it features four modes of illumination (determined by rotational orientation while installed and activated), acting as a typical tail light.


The LucidBrake circuit board is coated in a process similar to those used with modern sealed solar cells, for high durability in impact and corrosion resistance. It attaches to any surface (which opens it to non-cycling specific applications as well) via 3M Dual-Lock velcro and automatically realigns itself to a vertical position utilizing a proprietary alignment mechanism within the assembly for best visibility.


The improved second generation was developed out of opportunities to the initial batch. Frustrated by the first round of product “because it didn’t last the year in the garage we promised,” this new generation promises to better hit the year mark with “normal” usage.The light is long lasting, with an estimated year of normal usage on a single set of AAA batteries.


Also, investors in the new light can look forward to an improved motion-activated on and off mechanism. The light activates automatically with motion and proper near vertical alignment. The light will turn off, and remain in a low-power sleep mode, in a near horizontal configuration within bags, on shelves, wherever your heart desires.

The Kickstarter closes on May 5th, so move quickly to get your new and improved LucidBrake.


  1. Getting brighter while slowing down sure doesn’t make me feel any safer, I don’t think it’s a universal thing drivers would recognize if they’re paying attention in the first place. And.. velcro??

  2. This will be a really cool product once they incorporate it into a cleaner (smaller) looking package. And add a hard on/off switch. I keep my light in my jersey pocket while riding trail then throw it on the bike for the ride home. I’d hate to have it “on” in my pocket.

  3. @qwnop

    Technically it’s not Velcro. With Velcro you have a distinct “hooks” side and a “loops” side. 3M Dual Lock does away with this distinction while retaining Velcro’s benefits; it will attach onto any other surface with Dual Lock. From my own experience, Dual Lock actually holds fast stronger and for far longer than plain old Velcro does.

    Dual Lock is easily procured from a hardware store where I’m from.

  4. Nice! I think everyone in traffic will recognize a break light when they see one.
    All the safety you can get as a cyclists is welkom.

    Not the best looking light in the world, but development takes time I guess.

  5. Hey everyone, remember when the new smart phones seemed gargantous? But they were smart! Well bigger is better if you want to be seen. And it still only weighs 2 oz

  6. Hi – just a followup to this article. Our Kickstarter campaign was successful and LucidBrake is in full production now. LucidBrake was just named “Invention of the Year” at the recent Inventor’s Showcase in Colorado.

    Thanks to you readers and Bike Rumor for your help last April and May to get LucidBrake the necessary backers to make biking safer for everyone. To see the latest, branding, packaging and capabilities of the unit, click through to

    Again, many thanks!!!

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