Strava Local included cities
We all have a few favorite routes to ride in our local trail network or neighborhood, but now Strava is taking the collective knowledge of their entire user community to share everyone’s favorites with the world. Their new Strava Local app creates smart city guides for athletes, designed by athletes.

Strava Local examines over 38 million uploaded rides or runs and determines the most popular routes and destinations to provide suggestions for great loops and cool shops or landmarks to check out along the way. Each area’s guide is further curated by local experts to ensure the best experiences and attractions appear on the list. Guide yourself down past the break for more info…

Strava Local display on mobile phoneEvery city guide features routes of varying difficulty so all levels of athletes can take advantage of the collective unconscious. The first option users face is selecting between running and cycling routes, so you won’t have to sift through a mixed list of both. The Top Stops feature highlights the most common places athletes tend to stop during their run or ride, like places to buy gear, grab a drink or coffee, or even just a great photo location.

Upon choosing your city, a short intro paragraph gives you a quick overview of the area, and shows you how many people upload rides and how much mileage gets covered on a weekly basis by that city’s Strava users (In case you were curious, London takes the cake with 1,462,810 kms ridden per week!).

Strava Local cycling map
The data provided for each route includes a name for the route, a detailed graphic map, figures for distance and elevation, and a brief description of what to expect on each journey. User uploaded photos of key sites are also included so you’ll know what to watch out for as you go, and there’s a place for athletes to leave their own personal comments about each route. You can also print or export a cue sheet with route data, or download it as a GPX file and save it for an upcoming trip.

Twelve major cities around the globe are currently featured in Strava Local: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Sydney, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, New York, Denver and the San Francisco bay area. Strava has already announced there will be more cities coming soon.


  1. The data set for this service will reach its peak about four weeks after its launch. It’ll plateau, and then afterwards be polluted with idiotic routes that venture through backyards, nuclear dump sites and playgrounds, all because someone will eventually want to KOM the Jack in the Box drive-thru.

  2. Strava can we get more cities?! Washington D.C.’s riding is epic compared to New York, but apparently we are not hip enough to make the list. Being a road biker in New York City = crossing over to New Jersey to ride.

  3. Why would I want a bunch of tourists riding my favorite trails? Maybe Strava can get a KOM for the fastest way to ruin a good trail system. If you want to ride in a new place try talking to people at local bike shops, coffee shops or brewery. You may learn some local customs about a trail, route, or restaurant from a real person!

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