YT Industries Capra XL- action shot

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching YT Industries’ Kelly McGarry ride in person, you may have noticed he’s a pretty tall guy…it’s not just the hair! If you share a similar stature to McGarry, you’ve probably found out that only certain bike manufacturers cater to such proportions, but today your XL options just increased by one.

The Capra was released last year as YT’s flagship enduro bike, but they’ve just announced an XL size of the aluminum framed AL1 model will be added to the lineup. The XL frame is intended for riders over 6’5”. It is available for purchase now, but won’t be ready for delivery until December. Earlier this year YT began offering consumer direct sales to North America, so for a few extra bucks they’ll send it overseas to your door.

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YT Industries Capra XL- side

The Capra is a well-rounded bike designed to handle all types of mountainous terrain, climbing with ease and descending with balanced stability and agility. Accordingly so, the bike was named after mountain goats who skillfully travel up and down technical slopes. Featuring strength, fun-oriented geometry and well-rounded capabilities, the Capra is suitable for everything from long trail rides to smashing out bike park laps.

The Capra’s frame is constructed from hydroformed aluminum with carbon fiber seat stays. It uses YT’s V4L (virtual four link) suspension system which features a progressive curve enabling good initial sensitivity, a supportive mid-stroke to prevent excessive sagging and pedal bob, and a sharp ramp-up at the end for bottom-out protection on big hits.

YT Industries Capra XL- geo chart

The new XL Capra AL1 shares the same key angles and rear end length of its smaller counterparts, it just gets longer in the front and taller. The Capra XL has a steep seat tube and slack head tube angle, and while it offers 460mm of reach it has the same stout 430mm chainstays as the other sizes. The bike rides on 650B wheels, provides 160mm front and 165mm of rear travel, and comes stock with the latest and greatest innovations like Sram X1 1×11 gearing and a Rock Shox Reverb stealth dropper post.

YT Industries Capra XL- specs chart

The Capra AL1 XL comes in black only. The bike’s weight is listed at 30.6lbs, but bear in mind that’s likely for a medium frame. Eventually YT will offer the Capra AL2 model in an XL option also, but not until 2016. The Capra AL1 can be purchased through YT’s online store now for $3295 USD.


  1. Stack fail. I’m not sure if the folk at YT have ever met anyone over 6’5″ so here’s a hint: we do not need bikes with low stack, ever. Small people have trouble getting their bars low enough and tall people have the opposite problem. Nobody wants to run 4cm of spacers under their stem and a 40mm rise bar.

  2. @Joe Because it is stack what matters. Anything below 650 mm won’t work for a 6’5″ with normal proportions. The 611 mm stack the Yt features in size XL is just ridiculous.

  3. Amen. 6’3″ on an XL 27.5 Trance and the front of the bike is way too low. Need high rise bar and an inch of spacers.

  4. 6ft 8 here and on an XL enduro 29. Honestly feels pretty good, but I do have 36mm rise on my bars and a couple of CM of spacers.

  5. in what way has this bike been released if its still 6 months to go till it ships? OH, they’ll take your money now…


  6. OK I guess it’s just as available as any of their other bikes since they are just about uniformly sold out for months. I see their logic now.

  7. And also, when I convert that top tube length to murican it’s still not very long by today’s standards for a 160 travel bike. There are Medium frames longer than that?

    Seems an odd choice…? At least 25″ would have made more sense considering today’s geo numbers.

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