JET Roll Phantom tool wrap just enough tools (6)

After writing about a few of the newest models of tool wraps from Just Enough Tools, we finally had a chance to try one out for ourselves. It just so happens that when JET offered to send one in for review it coincided with the launch of their newest top tier product – the JET Roll Phantom.

On the inside, the Phantom is like any other JET Roll II. The Three pocket tool wrap is sized to carry the essentials for your ride all in one convenient package. Where the Phantom sets itself apart is in the premium materials it’s wrapped in. Starting with industrial grade synthetic leather, the Phantom’s skin is extremely soft and slightly stretchy which happen to be great qualities in a tool roll. Add in a few extra details like a crystal button closure and custom stitching and the hand-made Phantom stands out from the crowd…

JET Roll Phantom tool wrap just enough tools (4) JET Roll Phantom tool wrap just enough tools (3)

Typically on road rides I used to carry a pump, a spare tube, and a multi tool. Tire levers and patch kits are nice to have, but I would find myself not being able to find them before a ride and ultimately deciding I wouldn’t really need them. That’s one of the best parts about any tool roll like the JET Roll Phantom – everything you need for a ride is always in one place.

In addition to the patch kit, tire lever (or two), tube, and multi-tool, there is still enough room that you could carry a co2 inflator and cartridge instead or in addition to a pump. Speaking of which, if you want to carry a mini pump you can place the pump inside of the wrap and roll it closed which will hold the pump in place. I’ve found the Phantom to have enough room for most of my average road rides – some rides might warrant more than one tube but you can always stick an extra in your jersey pocket. For demonstration purposes I chose one of the largest multi-tools I had which the Phantom swallowed with room to spare.

JET Roll Phantom tool wrap just enough tools (5)

A nice touch for tubes that aren’t wrapped in plastic is the JET Roll band. Essentially just a rubber bracelet, the band is the perfect size for keeping your tubes rolled up and tucked away inside the Tool Roll. The Phantom also includes a premium black leather strap for fixing to your saddle.

JET Roll Phantom tool wrap just enough tools (1) JET Roll Phantom tool wrap just enough tools (2)

After sliding the strap through the two holes in the Phantom, the strap is passed through both saddle rails and back through the buckle for a quick attachment to your bike. Somehow even though it’s essentially a saddle bag, I think it looks better and it also is easier to use. With that said, I find myself putting the Phantom in my jersey pocket more than hanging it on the bike since I’m often switching bikes and like most saddle bags it can be a little noisy on rough roads.

Overall, the Phantom is an incredibly nice way to carry your flat kit on the road. The performance may not differ much from other tool rolls, but the JET Roll offers quality construction, premium fabrics, and is made by hand in the USA one at a time. One thing is for sure – as soon as you start using a roll like the Phantom you won’t want to go back to saddle bags or a pile of tools in your pockets again.

At $80 the Phantom in black, copper, cream, or titanium is a bit pricey even by JET Roll standards, but they are currently offering a free JET Roll Supersonic with the purchase of a Phantom. Or you could always pick up an original JET Roll starting at just $40.


  1. “Tire levers and patch kits are nice to have, but I would find myself not being able to find them before a ride and ultimately deciding I wouldn’t really need them.”

    They go in the very small ziplock bag (top tier Specialized tubes come in one, iirc) with your tube, held snug with a rubber band. If you have the tube, you have the levers and patches. Done.

  2. “Typically on road rides I used to carry .. a spare tube… Tire levers … are nice to have, but I ultimately decid[ed] I wouldn’t really need them.” I am confused: do you get your tires off the wheel with your teeth? Otherwise the spare tube is completely useless.

  3. “Industrial grade synthetic leather” and “crystal button” look a lot like “standard upholstery vinyl” and “10 cent outdated button.” Not that they won’t work just fine, but overbilling materials to justify the price seems disingenuous. OTOH, if you can get $80 for them, more power to ya.

  4. The material used to make the JET Roll Phantom is a ultra high-grade synthetic leather. This material is not vinyl at all. It is composed of a four layer, rayon backed and polycarbonate reinforced polyurethane, which is extremely strong for industrial, aviation, automotive, marine, and other commercial applications. The superior functional properties and durability of this unique material make it an excellent choice for a premium product such as the JET Roll Phantom. By the way, the button on the JET Roll Phantom is Swarovski crystal. The JET Roll Phantom like all JET Roll products is designed and made to last a very long time.

  5. Where would a person typically lose their tool kit if they brought it? Unless you’ve got some severe memory problems, I just can’t imagine how a person would place their kit IN A POCKET, then soon after forget where they put it. They don’t really need a story for a product like this.

    It’s a tool holder/roll for your bike, and it might look cool to you depending on your tastes.

    “Before the JET tool roll, I ‘d simply place my riding essentials within a canvas tarp, tie it to my bike with plain rope, and drag said tarp behind me as I rode. Sometimes the rope would wear away and I’d lose my patch kit, but those days are over!”

  6. So why not just keep a small seatpack permanently on your bike? That way you don’t have to forget it or whatever? About the only issue is removing/re-attaching before and after a race. This bike purse is kind of overkill and stupid – especially the crystal.

    • @nighfend, I don’t like saddle bags because they rattle on the seat post, especially on rough roads, gravel, etc.

  7. JET Roll was designed to be a convenient and practical way to hold and carry the essential items you would take on a ride.

    When wrapped and used correctly, the JET Roll virtually eliminates rattles of the contents over rough roads and trails. The trick is to be a little clever with how you arrange the items and wrap the JET Roll nice and tight while pressing it up against the back of the saddle rails. Pass the strap through the double button hole, tighten it up, and off you go.

    Each JET Roll model has been thoroughly tested in a variety of conditions and terrain, and is currently in use without issue by cyclists from novice to professional. The materials chosen for the construction of each JET Roll model are specific. For example, crystal was chosen as the fastener for the JET Roll Phantom rather than metal because metal tends to tarnish and oxidize when exposed to the elements, especially road salt, over time. The JET Roll Supersonic weighs only 18 grams ( the strap weighs 20 gram ), making it one of the lightest saddle bags available, while also being extremely durable and highly water resistant.

    Ever aspect of each JET Roll model has been designed, developed, and tested for long term use. In some cases, even outlasting the bike it is attached to.

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