The Boxer Shuttle is designed and manufactured in the UK is the latest in that company’s line of cargo trikes. The Boxer represents a welcome economical departure from the brand’s luxurious, steampunk-inspired Rocket model- which is available for over twice the price. The Shuttle features a respectable base of standard features, with an emphasis on the safety and riding experience of the kiddie cargo, while still having enough upgrades and add-ons for riders to customize their kit to their climate, city, or bike infrastructure situation…


The Shuttle comes standard with an impressive spec to appeal to both child passengers and riders such as a variety colorful visual designs for the cargo basket, five-point harnesses on removable impact foam seating (with recommended gear and strategies for transporting children younger than two), locking boxes under the cargo seats for jackets and gear, a removable rain cover, disc brakes on every wheel featuring a power cut-off for safety while braking, and a large saddle for upright riding. For the transport of our elderly or less able canine friends, there is even a possibility for a door/ramp to be integrated into the basket of the design.


The basic model features front and rear battery powered lights with battery storage under child seats. The electric-drive upgraded version of the Shuttle, the E-Shuttle, can go a little further with a 12V safety light and horn option, featuring front and rear turn signal controls integrated into the handlebar-mounted console.


If your little one is particular about what he or she rides once you arrive at the destination, the front bumper of the basket is removable and replaceable with an optional child’s bike rack for riders, small two wheelers, or scooters.


The Boxer Shuttle retails for £1950 with a 3-speed Sturmey Archer hub with an 8-speed derailleur. The E-Shuttle comes with a 7-speed drive train and a 36V 250W electric drive system (not specified on website) for £2800. Both levels, as well as all the fun upgrades are available through the Boxer website.


  1. I looooove cargo-bikes! In my hometown you can rent cargo-bikes of allmost any Size at a bike-shop and some local whole-foods stores to transport your shopping. I transported a 75Kilogram washingmachine in one e-cargo-bike. Was fun! 😀

  2. @ JImmy. Helmet laws have been mandated by people who do not understand the real statistics of bicycle safety. Given the speed this bike will be ridden at there would be more chance of being killed or injured by walking across the street than riding this bike. Good on Boxer for showing photos with the people not wearing helmets. It portrays the bike as being fun and safe which I’m sure it is. This safety fear mongering needs to stop. Looks like an awesome bike, being able to carry the kids bike on the front is awesome.

  3. @ Craig. I agree with you, these bikes are mostly safe; the rest of the world, not so much. Unless you live in countries like the Netherlands or Danemark, cities and other road users are not quite prepared yet for cargo bikes and cycling in general. Most of the accidents I’ve seen or heard of lately, were due to the lack of bike lanes, bad behaviours, dangerous car or bus drivers, etc. I have a bakfiets long and before that one a feetz carrier, and use it everyday for children and goods. Unless I’m in a park or a country trail, everybody aboard is wearing helmets.

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