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As the worlds largest spectator sporting event, the Tour De France is ‘kinda a big deal’ with roughly 12 million people lining the roadsides to catch the action first hand. If competing in an event of such magnitude seems daunting, just imagine organizing something of this scale. Parcelhero’s Mark Bunce provided us with a nifty informative image detailing all the staggering statistics of the Tour, from the 140 wheels each team brings along to the 252 McDonald’s cheeseburgers that equate to the calories each racer burns during the event.

This year’s Tour De France runs from July 4th to July 25th, featuring 21 stages that cover a total distance of 3360 kms (2088 miles). The route is comprised of nine flat stages, three hill stages, seven mountain stages with five altitude finishes, one individual time-trial stage, one team time-trial stage, and two rest days. Also, six new stage cities have signed on for 2015 including Utrecht, Zélande, Livarot, La Pierre-Saint-Martin, Muret, and Sèvres – Grand Paris Seine Ouest.

Click below the break to see the infographic showing the Tour De France’s amazing stats and figures…

TourdeFrance-Final4 copy


Tour de France Infographic by the team at ParcelHero.


  1. I questions all wins from the USA and a most of the wins from a lot of other countries. I wonder how many of the wins were actually clean. I suspect not a lot.

  2. Taking dopers who haven’t been caught into account, you can probably take off at least 5 winners from each country, more for bigger country participants…France and Spain mostly.

  3. If those supplies are items used, that is over 11 gels/person/stage. At that rate I’d vomit at sight of a gel come July 26th. Hopefully for the riders that is just gels ordered.

  4. Seriously, they go through all that trouble to make this. But they can’t be bothered to look up what the Belgian flag looks like?

  5. But guys – seriously – this is what you are? Passionate about cycling? Sport guys? Or people that are here just to write about a stupid error in a flag or about how many gel It has been used? Here I see a nice infographic with lot of useful data and an interesting report. I am an athlete and if I look at this I think is something very helpful also for take inspiration during workouts and preparation for a race!

    The spirit of sport is not to go against someone who has done his best to share with us maybe his passion for cycling, but stay together with the same passion 🙂


  6. Meh indeed. Tour Divide. 2,745 miles/4418 km long. 200,000 feet of elevation. This year’s winner did it in 14 days, 11 hours and 40 minutes. All self-supported. No whining about not being able to bring your fancy motor home. Respect. Which is something professional cycling lost a long time ago.

  7. Regarding the number of US winners: What is counted here is not winning persons, but won tours, and Greg Lemond won three times, so the number is correct (with the Armstrong wins disregarded)

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