World Champs Edition Fox 40 and 36 7

To celebrate last years clean sweep of the top step ion both the World Cup DH and EWS Series, Fox is celebrating with a limited edition series of Fox 40 and 36 forks. Each fork will feature rainbow decals, athlete signatures, and black anodized adjusters and decals.

World Champs Edition Fox 40 and 36

Each model will have a limited run of 200 units world wide.

World Champs Edition Fox 40 and 36 5

The ultra trick black adjusters were last seen when Fox released a limited edition stealth series around this time last year.

World Champs Edition Fox 40 and 36 4

Readers with sharp eyes will notice the stripes on the limited edition Fox 36 don’t perfectly correspond to the UCI rainbow. That’s because the EWS Champ stripes are a slightly different color. We’re personally digging how Fox incorporated the EWS log in the 36 decal.

World Champs Edition Fox 40 and 36 3

Retail for the Fox 40 is set at $1,700 USD, while the 36 will run $1050.

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