First up, a maximumly mad attack of the trails by a unicyclist in “Mad Max: Muni Road” by Kris Home Unicycles. Then some sweet bike packing and pack rafting action with Shayne Khajehnoori of the Blackburn Rangers, solid shreds by Canfield Brothers, a plea for support from IMBA, and some trail antics by Northwave riders/testers. Get rad after the jump…

Blackburn Ranger Shayne Khajehnoori rides and floats down the Pacific Coast Route, and performs popular mermaid-themed ballads on his recorder on his long journey to Mexico. From Blackburn:

Shayne Khajehnoori was selected as a 2015 Blackburn Ranger to ride the Pacific Coast. What makes his trip unique is that he is bringing along a pack raft, so that he can experience mother nature at a river’s pace. You will see that his bike can carry the raft of course, but the raft can also carry the bike . . . getting “Out There” on a whole different level.

Canfield Brothers present this rad free-ride edit with Lance Canfield and Lorin Whitaker:

“There was a certain feeling when we finally pulled off the highway and onto the dirt road,” says young Lorin. “I was eager to show Lance Canfield a new area that he had never ridden. He’s shown me many outstanding locations to ride and it only seemed right to bring this freeride legend to fresh ridgelines in Utah to test out his new 27.5 Jedi.”

Support the thing you love by giving to the IMBA Trail Fund. With no trails, there is no mountain biking… and trails take time, money, and energy.

The Trail Fund powers projects across the United States, ranging from classic singletrack to bike parks and gravity trails. In 2014 alone, the fund provided more than $360,000 in direct support to 30 mountain bike projects in 15 states.

Take a minute of your time and donate here.

It’s all in good fun when sparkling personalities Marco Aurelio Fontana and Cedric Gracia go head-to-head comparing styles and techniques in new Northwave creations in this edit. Who will win? Be sure to vote at the end of the video.

On their feet, the latest Northwave’s top-range creations for their respective disciplines, both featuring the innovative soles co-developed by Northwave and Michelin Technical Soles: Fontana chose Extreme XC, while Gracia wore Enduro Mid, the first Northwave shoes designed and dedicated specifically to Enduro, developed in collaboration with Cedric and more Enduro top riders.


  1. Whenever I see an off-road unicycle video I’m in awe. It is truly amazing how someone can take something as awesome and fun as mountainbiking and make it look SO F##KING boring.

    I get that it’s hard to do this stuff on one wheel. It’s hard to eat ice cream with chopsticks. It’s hard to watch a 3d movie without 3d glasses. It’s hard to do dental work at home.

    Why would you do any of those things when there are far more effective options available?

  2. ^^^ with your logic, why bother to do anything other than work and eat? Isn’t driving to a trail head to ride a mountain bike in a big circle also “pointless”? Oh, I see your argument, because it doesn’t look “cool” enough to you or because there’s a more efficient way to do something (obviously only a geared carbon race bike is acceptable to you), you feel justified in disparaging somebody who’s obviously having a great time?

    Much respect to you Max! Looks like you’re having a blast.

  3. That first vid had me almost in tears laughing. Mad skills! I have a uni and can ride it, hop curbs, etc, but knowing how hard it is to dick around on one, the stuff they are doing would be incredibly difficult!

  4. Chainwhipped you are close minded af. Would you say the same thing about skateboarding? It’s terrible to ride for transportation but it’s fun as hell! Riding one spot is called a session. I dunno man, your post saddens me. I race bikes, skate, do a lot of sports and honestly the racers and that scene are the most exhausting bores personality wise. I prefer having fun alone or with like minded friends.

  5. Yeah dont smash it till you try it. I agree that is not the coolest looking thing to spectators, but it is incredibly fun.

  6. I think BR should only review bicycles that fit the definition of a device that provides its rider with a measurable mechanical advantage. The unicycle provides ZERO-POINT-ZERO.

    It belongs on Barnum & Bailey’s homepage, not here.

  7. watching that unicycling vid (or as much as I could bother to) a part of me wonders if my non riding friends & acquaintances view my MTB vice the same way I view the unicycling thing.

    ..with a mixture of perplexed bewilderment.

  8. @Chuck. Planetary hubs for unicycles. They’ve been around for a bit, and a friend of mine knocked out a century on a 36″ wheel with a two speed hub in about 8-9 hours if I’m correct. No human is covering that distance in that time on foot. Just sayin’.

  9. Horses for….. whatever. I find watching guys pointlessly hurl themselves down vertical cliff faces and calling it ‘mountain biking boring’. The people who watch that and think it’s da sh!t, think watching guys shred single track at full tilt… boring.

    To each their own and let’s be honest here – since the advent of GoPro and the like, and cheap portable vid cameras before that, everyone everywhere thinks everyone everywhere should think what they do is where it’s at.

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