2016 Kona Weight-4

Over the past few days we’ve been hanging out with a crew of dealers and product managers at #KonaWorld to test ride the latest and greatest products.

We have a slew of great content coming your way, but in the meantime – here’s a full gallery of weights for several new and existing models. Please Note that some of these bikes may have had tubes in them and most had water bottle cages installed.

Up first is the totally redesigned Kona Hei Hei DL Trail. Retail for this model is $3,299 and the size medium weighed 28 lbs / 12.70 kg. (We also recently showed you Spencer Paxson’s 11.3kg World Cup setup of the same bike with XTR Di2 and Fox iRD suspension, including pedals.)

2016 Kona Weight-2

The new Kahuna hardtail shares the same tubeset and geometry as the new Hei Hei.

The size large Kahuna DDL hit the scale at 27 lb 08 oz /12.45 kg. Retail is $1,999.

2016 Kona Weight-3

The Honzo made it’s debut this year in aluminum and shed a metric ton of weight…..Depending on size, the AL model is up to 40% lighter than it’s steel predecessor. That version will still be available as a frame only, for those who still adhere to the “steel is real” philosophy.

The new Honzo AL/DL retails for $2,199 and weighs 27 lb 10 oz /12.53 kg in a size medium.

2016 Kona Weight-5

For $3,799, the Kona Process 134 DL is one hell of a bike. Stay tuned for a full review soon. Weight on this model for a size medium was 30 lb 07 oz /13.81 kg.

2016 Kona Weight-6

The $3,599 Kona Process 153 came in at 30 lb 12 0z /13.98 kg.

2016 Kona Weight-8

The Kona Precept 150 is a budget bruiser at only $2,699. Weight for the size medium was 33 lbs 13 oz / 15.35 kg.

2016 Kona Weight-7

The size Large Kona Wo weighed 15.56 kg / 34 lb 06 oz. Retail is $2,099.

2016 Kona Weight

The Private Jake was extremely popular at the demo event, so I could only find a small (size 48 frame) to weigh. The $1,999 complete weighed 20lb 13 oz / 9.43 kg.

For a full run down of the new line up, check out our coverage here, and stay tuned to the website for more.

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  1. I may pick up a Honzo early next year. But don’t want to go over 25 lbs (26 with dropper) Seems possible but not sure given the weight shown and it’s sans dropper.

  2. AbelF – the Honzo is available in Al, Steel and Ti. Steel and Ti are sold as framesets only. The Al honzo is sold as a complete bike as well as framset. The steel and Ti bikes retain the sliding dropouts, I think (the Honzo AL seems a revised Taro).

  3. Love how people are always hung up on weight when so few are at “race weight” themselves, AND are rarely at the front of their class if they race at all. I have the process 153 dl and it rips. If I am 5 seconds slower on a climb, I just remind myself that I do this for fun. But I guess if you keep on coming in second in your local 10 mile race by less than a minute, by all means get something lighter.

  4. Brian G,
    I have a 21 lb ss hardtail and a 30lb FS 29er. I don’t race and probably about 10 lbs from ideal race weight. My 21lb ss feels more enjoyable and its purely due to weight. So I may buy the Honzo as-is, but less weight is always nice.

  5. If you take a park scale to your next group ride and weigh everyone’s bike you would be very surprised at how heavy our bikes are.
    All my bikes have pedals. grips, and are big enough to fit me.

  6. JBikes, I hear you. Horses for courses, though. I have a rigid hardtail and it is nice to climb on it. Wouldn’t want to ride porc rim on it. Even though it weighs less, it most certainly would not be more enjoyable.

  7. love these actual weights, can’t [wait] to see a new spec camber with actual weights i got my eyes set on camber comp carbon

  8. I enjoy the light weight of my bike….. it makes hike-a-bikes in The Pisgah much more bearable.

    My dropper post also offers great advantage so far as mounting and dismounting my steed.

    I can also lower my seat post to “conversation height” when I catch up to everyone weighting* up on me.

  9. I love the new Kahuna 29er HT and Honzo alloy but neither seem to have seat tube bottle mounts? On the Honzo I get it that it might interfere with a dropper but on the Kahuna 29er? Still want though! Oh and Santa, a Hei Hei 29 and ’cause I’m trying to be good a Private Jake too please.

  10. Even though I dont consider them heavy for a bike in geneal, they are heavy for a $3k+ bike. Way to heavy. My steel El Mariachi currently weighs 27 lbs, still very porky by weight weenie standards but I paid considerably less than 2K for it, new.

  11. What the hell are some of you talking about? The ones you are claiming are heavy are aluminum. The 27lb hardtail is MSRP $1999, it’s not carbon. The full suspension hei hei 29er at 28lbs is pretty damn good and that is ALUMINUM too.

    Skip a couple cheese burgers and get over it. Bunch of yuppies some of you are turning into.

  12. I’m really confused by this year’s lineup so far. I’ve been holding out on getting a new rig for a while now because I want to stick with Kona, but still no carbon Process announced? and not even any XC race bikes? it’s cool their lineup continues to expand and become more customer-oriented, but how long do I have to keep waiting before they finally catch up with the rest of the market and put out an actual XC rocket or Carbon enduro?

  13. Check out the new superiorlite full suspension full carbon 27.5r just released on their facebook. 25 lbs with dropper and x1 build. These guys are doing now with mtb like they have done with road bikes – best bike for the buck hands down.

  14. @ Tad Dickman… My claim is that ALL of them are heavy, carbon and aluminum alike.
    Also, what makes you think carbon weights significantly less than aluminum?
    As for the cheeseburgers, I don’t know where you put yours but I can assure you that wherever YOU put or refrain from putting them does not make the pictured Kona bikes any lighter. 🙂

  15. Those bikes are as heavy as they need to be. If you need less material holding you up while speeding down a rocky trail, go buy a lighter bike!
    Or if you need to reset your appreciation for modern materials, try riding an old Schwinn varsity around for a few weeks.

  16. Kona is using a different manufacturer for their carbon frames and thats why there arent many options this year for carbon models. They want to make sure the products are good before they just go straight into production with a new manufacturer. Expect some late season releases kinda like the Process 134 ms/dl (technically early 2016 bikes were.

  17. I have rode kona for a wile now. They might cost more but my bikes have lasted longer and my bike is the smothest mountan bike I have ever been on

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