Like other Extreme sports, the progression of tricks in mountain bike slopestyle continues to progress past the point of ridiculous. That was certainly the case last week at the Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler. With Brandon Semenuk’s winning run being called the best slopestyle run ever, the second and third place runs weren’t far behind. At this rate we’re both terrified and excited to see where slopestyle goes from here.

Make sure to catch the Second and Third place runs next…

Perhaps not as perfectly dialed as Semenuk’s run, Nicholi Rogatkin managed to put together an amazing run with some huge tricks that landed him in second place. It’s a good thing we weren’t the judges since we would have had a hard time deciding first and second. What do you think – who had the better run?

Rounding out the top three was Thomas Genon.

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  1. Nicholi would have been my first place pick. Semenuk was smooth as hell but he didn’t have the same level of tricks imo.

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