bikerumor pic of the day Santiago de Compostela in Spain

Photos submitted by Marcel Esser, “My wife and I just returned from our cycling trip to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. We had a beautiful trip from The Netherlands to Santiago (2600km) through France and Spain with great views and perfect weather.

This first photo is near Pamplona. It’s a tunnel (obviously) which came out of nowhere as we were cycling next to a rock wall and our GPS unit told us to go right. No way I thought, but suddenly there was this pitch black hole in the rock with no lighting. So we had to use our phones to avoid hitting the walls! The Canyon on the other side of the tunnel was stunning, but the pictures I shot don’t show it’s real greatness.”

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Cruz de Ferro
“The second picture is at Cruz de Ferro, a very popular place to visit for hikers and bikers on the Camino de Santiago as it’s the highest point on the Spanish part of the Camino. My bike is the one with the red panniers!”

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