T1 in all colors

HT Components has made a name for themselves by getting their pedals under the likes of Aaron Gwin, Conor Fearon, Kyle Strait, Brian Lopes and most recently Jerome Clementz of Enduro fame. They have an impressive line of platform and back in April while showing off their new X2 Downhill clipless pedals, they mentioned they were working on a trail/enduro pedal.

The new HT Components T1 Race pedal was specifically designed to offer a better platform while remaining light and offering the tension adjustment many desire. The T1’s with titanium spindles weigh in at 328g per pedal and retail for $239.99. The chromoly versions weigh in at 368g per pedal and retail for $139.99. Both have a wide a 68×83.5 mm platform for increased stability on aggressive trails and have between 4 and 8 degrees of float depending on which one of their cleats you use.

Click through to see a video of what the new HT T1 pedals look like from the ground when Jerome Clementz is clipped in to them…


ht components x1 trail pedal kids (19)

Jerome Clementz said, “The new T1s suit all my needs in term of performance in all the conditions. The T1 Pedals are light, resistant to mud and really easy to get in and out of. When I’m riding or racing, I can’t think about the placement of my feet on my pedals. The T1s keep my feet in place, yet allows me to easily disengage and re-engage when I need.”

ht components x1 trail pedal kids (15)

T! Pair

Key design elements for the T1 include a new ramp system that uses a smooth face for easier clipping in. Using the same clips as their X2 pedals, the X1s offer adjustable spring tension and 4 degrees of float and a 13 degree exit as stock. Two traction pins on either side of the pedal help keep the foot in place when really pushing on the pedals uphill, and the completely rebuildable pedal relies on one bearing and one bushing per side.

ht components x1 trail pedal kids (21)

ht components x1 trail pedal kids (26) ht components x1 trail pedal kids (27)

Also new from HT is their take on a kids’ pedal with the AE12. As the baby brother of the AE06, the 12 is designed to better fit smaller feet with an 88x96x17mm platform. The 06s measure in at 105x110x17 and both pedals use an aluminium body with traction pins that thread in from the bottom and a chromo spindle. The AE06 will sell for $135 while the larger AE06 will run $150 with the pedals checking in at 345g and 415g respectively. Available in September.



  1. I’d like to see an XC pedal from these guys; just cut off the extra bits on the front and back. It looks like they have a shimano clip on one side and Time on the other.

  2. I currently ride Times, but I think I would try these. Looks like they might be more durable with the metal guard up front. Colors are great too.

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