Some interesting items geared towards the cycling community pop up on Kickstarter every now and then.  One of the most recent items is the brainchild of Mathijs Wagenaar, called hidemybell.  The idea is simple really, take a Garmin mount and adapt the underside to hold a bell so that you can be a safe and courteous cyclist, without the eyesore of a bell on your fancy race bike handlebars.  Watch the video above, and visit the hidemybell Kickstarter page for full details.


  1. Mathijs Wagenaar on

    Hi John, good question! You can put a Garmin 520 in the two mount option. On a Fizik R3 stem combo with the hidemybell the distance to the center of the first mount option is 49 mm and to the second 59 mm. So the 520 have an 73 mm housing, then there will be an option to have 25 mm or 45 mm spacing to use the front buttons.

  2. Gunnstein on

    So you get a bell that is less accessible, less practical. Confirms the cliche that roadies are poseurs, wanting good looks above anything else. (But doing this to free up bar space for other gear could make sense.)

  3. Eddie on

    Ummm this mount looks literally like a Bar Fly SL mount that has been reprinted with a bell. I hope this inventor plans to change the mount design before general release!

  4. James on

    @ Dave –– pretty sure that in some places, paths are the only real place to do training without slogging through the grid –– the Chicago LFP comes to mind.

  5. bb_nl on

    @ Dave

    In various countries a bell is actually mandatory by law. These are typically the countries where you ride your bike on (very busy) bicycle paths.

  6. Champs on

    bb_nl: if not everywhere, bells are mandatory equipment in many places around the US as well.

    The problem is that most Americans understand these bells no better than the Metric system.

  7. Zed on

    Think about it. When you need to ring a bell, do you want your hand by the stem? What’s really needed is a bell that you can use with both hands on the bars, ready to steer or hit the brakes.

  8. Darryl on

    Gunnstein, Stem mount take up light mount space and if on the side get kneeed when standing up.
    Similarly, bar end are a safety risk to legs.
    Many of us have no spacers and this is a far better solution than the tiny cable mounted bells.

  9. Mathijs Wagenaar on

    Thanks for all the comment, very much appreciated! @Eddie indeed the design looks a Bar Fly SL, so does it looks like an SRAM, K-edge and an original Garmin mount. To make an real minimalistic design with an small as possible clamb around the handlebar and the computer just in front of the the stem there are not many design ”challenges’. Still it is an challenge to make it stiff / strong and enough flex for the lever to ring the bell. The first prototype gives a real good ring so the bell is defently usefull 🙂


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