Oh Kickstarter, you’re at it again.  Bike tools are no stranger to the pages of Kickstarter, with items like the Fix It Sticks and the The Nutter getting their start on the popular crowd funding site.  Peter Wen is taking his turn now with his evolutionary design for an universal allen key.  The TeleHex puts a twist on the standard pack of folding allen keys by packing a 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm allen head into a single sliding unit.  The TeleHex automatically adjusts to the size you need with a slight twist and a bit of pressure.  As always, the full details can be found on the TeleHex Kickstarter page.


  1. Chris on

    Cool and all, but it’s not much if at all smaller or lighter than, say, a Lezyne 5 multitool (which has and extra tool). Looks like a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. Nice conversation starter, I suppose.

  2. 29erpilot on

    Interesting concept. The guy put a lot of heart and hard work into it.
    We didn’t need another cell phone ,but we get a new one every week.

  3. Gunnstein on

    @Matt: Sums up a lot of BR comments too. If the kickstarter succeeds, the problem obviously exists, for some people. Though I’m with you on this one – no major benefit, and how durable is this thing going to be?

  4. Ck on

    I agree with Jb, i’d love to try this as a shop level tool, assuming the durability and precision is there. As a multitool for rides, it’s too simple for me, i’d still want at least a Phillips/Flathead and T25 on there.

  5. Andy H on

    If one of the “layers” gets rounded off, I imagine that it won’t easily push into the next layer. The last thing I want from a trailside tool is complexity and greater chance of failure.

  6. yogibimbi on

    What would be really useful: if the variable allen head would b implemented just as a bit that we could put into standard sockets. On bit to rule them (the allen keys) all.

  7. JBikes on

    Its a neat design exercise, but my experience with non-traditional or multiple use tool reliability is less than desired. I already wear out normal quality allen keys, so I’ll let others experiment first.

  8. Fat Bike Fiend on

    This would be cool as the end of a portable T handle tool that folds down into straight shaft. With 4 in one end bits to add Torx/Screwdriver bits.

  9. Frippolini on

    I like it.
    Sure, it doesn’t come with a chain tool, or screwdrivers, but it’s neat simple and elegant.
    What would make it a “killer” would be to add a screwdriver, chain tool, and have one of the sides work as a tire lever, then it immediately would address all my “daily” and “paranoid-never-has-happened-on/off-road-brakedowns”.
    Probably also good to make a separate Road and MTB version, considering the need of T25 mentioned earlier.
    All-in-all: I like it a lot, there’s room for making it “better” (a good thing), it’s unique, it’s simple and neat and elegant… And I probably just convinced myself to fund the thing on Kickstarter. 🙂

  10. sspiff on

    Definitely cool, but my old park i-beam is smaller (based on appearance) and probably about the same weight, and has more functionality at $10 or so. I don’t use a mini tool enough to where long term durability is a real issue (if you do, you’re doing it wrong!). Chris nailed it – I can’t see why unless you’re looking for the conversation starter.

  11. Sean P on

    @MattH, I’m still waiting for my last two kickstarter projects to arrive at my door. One of them is the pump head that was posted here about 3 years ago…… Delayed…. Delayed….Delayed again. The I-beam is awesome for what the intended purpose is. Love that thing.

  12. Neilthemeal on

    It’s a really cool idea that I wouldn’t spring for because ace hardware sells decent small hex wrenches for like 50 cents a piece in the bulk hardware area.

  13. Anon on

    I agree with @JB you could bang out a bike build with one tool pretty quickly up until things needed to be torqued. Three way tools always are too wide and I find clip the frame when working quickly. For those that travel with their bikes this is a great option. Especially triathletes that very rarely know anything more than riding their bikes in a straight line let alone unboxing one and assembling it. Its basically plug and play in a sense.

  14. skip on

    Sweet! Round out 3 different size bolts (plus a torx!) with 1 wrench. This is going in my ultimate toolbox next to my gator grip socket and the vice grips.


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